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When would you use video editing software?

When would you use video editing software?Social networking has made sharing very trendy and fun. You can share the important moments of your life in the form of simple words, images or, the best all, videos. Now, with a decent camera in everybody’s phone, recording videos has become easy. However, most of the times you realize that the video you shoot needs some modifications before you post it online for your friends to see. At that time, you will need video editing software.

From large number of options available in the market some are free while others are paid. You should select the correct one on the basis of your usage. Some of the hottest video eiditng software currently is Adobe Premiere Elements 13 & Corel Video Studio Pro X7, so you can take these into consideration. Anyway, let’s take a look at the tasks that you can use this software for.

Cut and paste

This is perhaps the most common function of this software. You can cut some of the footage from the video. There is some part of the video in the starting or the end that does not include any useful stuff. That part can be easily removed. Also, sometimes a video is shot in parts. Using this software, you can join those parts.

Background sounds

Most of the times, when you shoot a video, there are a lot of background sounds beside the main sound. All these unwanted noises can be easily removed and replaced with any sound you recorded separately or some music of your choice. You can even add more than one soundtrack. For instance, you can play a song along with someone speaking.

Trim or Crop

There are instances when something or someone comes into the video frame by mistake. Such frames can be easily trimmed or cropped with the help of this tool.

Effects and transitions

This is the most interesting use of video editing software. You can add effects like blurring, flashing, black and white, zoom in, zoom out,match cuts,wipes etc. Some of the additional things that you want in movies can be easily done. All there are transitions from frame to frame. Many different options for transitional effects are available. These are very helpful, especially when you are joining videos.

Improving quality

Not everybody has got an expensive camera or very good video graphing skills. But these things can be compensated with the help of this software. You can improve the quality of the video using techniques like interpolation, etc. You can also compress videos for smaller devices.

Adding graphics

When would you use video editing software?Adding watermarks, subtitles, banners, etc., becomes very easy with the help of this tool. You can also add awesome intros that will make your videos very interesting. You can even add images in the middle of the video. The credits at the end of the video can also be added.

Changing the background

You must have seen the videos in which the whole background of a person is changed. You can accomplish that using this software. But that’s bit of an advanced task. You will need a lot of experiences and the right software for that.

These are the tasks that can be accomplished using almost any software available in the market. Some of them are effective while others are not. You need to be very careful while selecting the best video editing software. There is not at all any best software in the market. It entirely depends on the type of user. So let’s see what type of user you are.

Professional user

If you are a professional video editor, then you would need the most advanced tools. Advanced tools are not free, so you should refer to the differences between free & paid video editing software to gain more insights especially and do proper research and have patience.

Regular user

Having an online channel is becoming more and more popular now. There are many people who shoot videos, with the help of their friends, and post them online. If you too have such a channel, you would need decently good software. You should spend money depending on your requirements.

There is no point in buying high-end software if you do not shoot videos very frequently, or do not need much editing. But you should also consider the fact that your requirements might change in the future.

Occasional user

If you shoot a video very rarely and hardly need any editing then you should not waste your money on buying software. Free video editing software would be enough for you.

When you have figured out what type of user you are and for what tasks you need the software, you should start looking for the best video editing software for yourself. There are so many options available that if you start considering all of them you will never be able to finish.

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