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What to wear on a plane?

Everyone knows how to dress for different occasions. For a birthday party, you should go for casual and colorful while for a wedding it should be something elegant. But when getting ready for a flight, things are not that obvious. People often get confused about what to wear. It might not seem that big a deal, but a wrong decision can make your journey a very bad experience.

You can ignore it in a short duration flight, but when flying long distance you should take it seriously, because if the beginning is not that good your whole business trip or vacation might get affected by it. You probably would be fully convinced about the importance wearing proper clothes on a plane. Here are some tips for you. See more travel tips here.

What to wear on a plane

Lots of layers

When you are traveling a long distance, there is a high chance that you will face more than one type of climate during your journey. It might get from warm to chilly within a matter of minutes. So, you should be ready for all that. If you are taking off from a cold weather, you should wear multiple layers of clothes. Also, keep in mind that these clothes should be easily removable and foldable. You should be able to remove a layer or two, without any problem when not feeling too cold.

You should also be able to fold them and keep them in your bag. Prefer jackets with zippers that do not take too much space in the bag. You can even get one of those foldable bags that can even fit your pocket. After taking off the extra clothes, you can put them in the bag and keep it very conveniently. Similarly, you should have some extra clothes, even if you are taking off from a warm climate. You can keep these clothes in a bag and take them out as per the requirement.

Breathable fabric

The material of all your clothes should allow air to pass through. This is not just for the plane, but for all situations. The fabric not only keeps you comfortable, but also cleaner. Clothes made of other fabrics do not let sweat evaporate, so it keeps accumulating on the skin. Even, if it does make you look dirty, your skin will definitely feel sticky and dirty. If you wear extra tight clothes, the blood circulation can be affected. It can cause sleepy limbs or something worse.

Comfortable Footwear

Feet are one of the most delicate parts of our body. Also, we are excessively dependent on them. So, feet should be comfortable and relaxed at all times, especially during the flight. Wear very simple and easy pair of shoes. Most people prefer flats for long journeys. The footwear should also be easy to wear and remove. This will be very helpful at the airport security if you are asked to take your shoes off. You might even like to take them off during the flight for extra comfort. While selecting the right footwear keep in mind that you will not be sitting throughout the journey. Getting up and walking will be frequent. Sometimes it will be to use the toilet, and other times just because you are getting tired of sitting.

What to wear on a plane

Extra pockets

Travel clothes can never have too many pockets. If you select the right clothes for your journey, they will not only keep you comfortable, but will also be useful in carrying some luggage. Obviously, you cannot carry anything big in these pockets. But, you can at least keep some snacks, your headphones, reading material, etc. Just imagine how convenient it will be if you have almost everything needed during the flight inside the pockets. You might not have to get up to take something out of your bags. It will also be convenient for your fellow passengers, especially the one sitting right next to you.

No to Cologne

Wearing a perfume or a deodorant could be your habit, but it is not a very nice idea when traveling in a plane. After all, it is not too unlikely that the person sitting next to you is allergic to that fragrance. If that happens, your whole flight will be a disaster. Even if you ignore that possibility, there is another problem. The air inside the plane recycled over and over again. So, until the flight lands, you will be breathing the same perfume and deodorant. You might be able to withstand it, but most of the other passengers will be.

Additional tips

All the necessary things have been covered above. Let’s discuss some obvious things that most of you would know already.

  • Do not wear anything offensive or inappropriate.
  • You can wear something stylish as long as it is also comfortable.
  • Keep spare clothes, in case you need to change.

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