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Tablet Battle:Nokia N1 VS Google Nexus 9


Tablets steal the show as of now. Even nokia has made a serious comeback. Let us see, what they got to offer their fans, now. Some interesting details about the Tablet Battle, Nokia N1 VS Google Nexus 9 here.

Tablet Battle, Nokia N1 VS Google Nexus 9

Design and features

Anybody design of the Nokia N1 with smooth edges is something impressive enough. It comes in just two colours though. One is the natural aluminium shade and the other options are grey. The lava grey instrument seems to be far more attractive than the simple aluminium coloured option. Design is sleek in the instrument as a whole. Zero gap design from Nokia is impressive from the board features perspective. Spacious set up for the end user makes it quite convenient as well. Considering google nexus 9 on the other hand, it stays on top of Nokia N1 by all means whatsoever.

Tablet Battle, Nokia N1 VS Google Nexus 9


$249  is the price of the nokia set

$ 320  is the price for the Google Nexus 9

Prices are beyond comparison when you count on something like an IPad or a nokia tablet. Yet you get value for money in a proportionate manner. Features are rich in case of high end devices. Features are limited in the case of very first tablet launch of nokia after the Microsoft’s acquisition. Just after the acquisition of the nokia’s smart phone section by Microsoft, the Finnish original equipment manufacturer has taken time to come up with some remarkable best tablet from their arsenal just next to only nokia Lumia 2500. The attempt is successful. It is a worthy tablet that is so stylish and graceful in its performance standards too. You cannot compare it to the standard of iPhone yet when it comes to the utility of the productivity tools. In fact the design is just made in the nokia n1 with ipad 3 as an inspiration. If you see the buttons placement in the set then you can infer this fact to be proved evidentially there without any doubts.


Both the instruments have a great performance potential that can be truly convincing enough for any tablet user. For those who believe in original creations the design of the nokia n1 can be a limitation and it is just a replica of the iPad 3. Nokia has not taken any serious risks with the first attempt when the hardware back up is not that stronger yet as of now, with the original equipment manufacturer, just after the Microsoft taking over of the smart phones unit. On the contrary, if you count on the performance standards of the Google nexus 9 it is on the higher side on par to the iPad Air 2. Range of android options for gaming and shopping are available for the users readily when they choose to buy the google nexus in place of any other gadget as the price is just 320 Euros as such.

Pros and Cons

Cellular connectivity is not possible when you choose to buy Nokia N1

Similarly, there is no possibility for GPS tracking facilities when you are to use the Nokia N1 instrument. Similarly, there are some minor issues that we can list on further about the new tablet launched by nokia as a comeback. On the other hand, if you count on the Google nexus, it is far more improvise version of its predecessors when you count on the performance standards in special. Right from the compactness in the design, portability in the dimensions and so on, you have so many benefits out of the much improvised Google nexus 9 compared to the nokia instrument. Interestingly, Google as an aggressive player as always in the industry throws its product for amazingly low prices as well. What more that end user will want then? It is a prime advantage for anyone to go for the google nexus 9 in place of a nokia n1 at any given day, coastwise, as well as performance wise.


It is something incomparable when you count on the best features what iPad has in it as the productivity tools. Similarly, when it comes to android, Google nexus has its own premium edge of advantages too. If you are not expecting cordless connectivity or a GPS, global positioning system, kind of facilities of the high end kind out of your tablet, then you can settle down easily for something like a Nokia N1. Costs are cheaper than even the Google nexus tablet which is very low in price compared to the peer models of I OS options from I phone. Cost wise the best option for buying a tablet can just be Nokia N1. Performance wise if you are to buy a rated android tablet that can be on par to the best in the standards for tablets, then you got to settle definitely for the high end Google nexus 9. It is a chance to save money there for getting some best android hand held gadget by your side with a range of benefits.

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