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Road Trip Essentials

It is super exciting to pile into a car with your best friends or families to start a road trip in search of fun and adventure. However, a road trip of high quality still involves some planning and careful preparations no matter how much time you are going to spend on the road. Here offers a list of several road trip essentials in order to make your trip both safer and more comfortable.

  • Maps. If you start your trip with a planned route, you need maps of the areas which you’ll drive through. Maps will be useful when you have to detour to avoid rush hour. Generally speaking, a GPS (Global Positioning System) is a convenient accessory to take with and many cars are equipped with navigation systems. You can also take a compass with you if you think it necessary.
  • Identification & Money. The driver’s license is needed when you deal with the police when something unexpected happens to you on the road. It goes without saying that money is an essential thing that you must take with you wherever you go.
  • A first aid kit. A first aid kit is a must when you take road trip. You need such things as vitamins, anti-bacterial cream, bandages, pain relievers, motion-sickness pills, allergy medications to treat road-trip aches, nicks, and scrapes and so on.

Road Trip Essentials

  • Household items. If you have to spend several days and nights on the road, and then make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is a wise choice to wear shoes that are easy to put on and off. Besides, a small blanket and a pillow can help keep you comfortable and warm due to the difference in temperature in the day and at night. In addition, you should also bring sunglasses, makeup, razor, sunscreen, insect repellent, toilet paper and the like.
  • Food and Beverages. When you are driving in an area with limited dining, and then carry sufficient healthy snacks with you. Besides, do not eat fast food as possible as you can. You can also choose to buy things in a grocery store rather than dining out so as to save money. As for beverages, water bottles and soft drinks are on the priority list, because they are not only healthy but also occupy a little space in your car.
  • A Camera. On your road trip, you may come across a beautiful sunset by a lake, flowers blossoming on the sides of the road and an interesting sign along the road, it is a terrific opportunity to take out your camera to capture such wonderful moments. Before your departure, make sure that you charge up your camera battery or take with spare batteries.

Road Trip Essentials

  • Keep your auto in perfect condition. Before you begin your road trip, be sure that your car is in a tip-top state. For example, check your oil, inspect your tires including the spare tire whether they are in good shape, examine the air conditioner and wiper blades if they work correctly, and make sure your emergency toolkit is handy to access. The most important thing is to ensure that you are capable of changing a flat tire.
  • Spare Sets of Keys. It is a wise decision to take along spare sets of keys in case your car keys are locked in the car or missing somewhere. Although you can always call a professional for help, it will be the toughest time to kill when you are waiting the locksmith insides or outside your car. Therefore, you’d better give a set to your travel companion, put one in your car and pack another set in your luggage.

Written by Miranda Zhang

Miranda Zhang

Miranda is an experienced book reviewers with a master degree in English Literature and Critici. She like reading books and travelling.

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