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With the advancement of digital technology such emergence of smartphones and tablets, the use of a tree as raw material to make book is something that will come to an end as the year goes by. Most tech savvy people prefer using the modern technology to read book as compared to the actual books. Cds, DVD and CD are becoming popular this the digital technology continues to advance; there are thousands of free e-books which can be downloaded from several websites. You can use iPads, smartphones, iPods and laptops to read this e-book materials anywhere anytime because of their portability. If you are a bookworm, here is a list of websites which are the major sources for downloading free E-books.



This website is one of the best sites for downloading e-books. Like the name suggests, it has a huge collection of e-books for download at an absolutely no cost. The website is designed in a manner that each each e-book is divided into different categories so as to make you search whatever you want very fast and without complications.


At is a big digital library which has many free e-books which can be downloaded freely. The have many e-books material for every subjects and categories.

Book depository

This site has both e-books and real books; it is one of the most reliable website sources for downloading digital e-book. The site has a dedicated link for free downloads and you can always find any e-books you want.

This site has an impressive digital library for e-books. The site has different e-books from the following categories: educational, romance, fiction, technology, history among other.


This site is an online digital library with a huge collection of downloadable free e-books. The site is designed with options to search using the title, author and the year which the book was published. This gives you the opportunity to search for something very specific.

Project Gutenberg

This free e-book site is a community project which is dedicated to offer free e-books materials for download. However, the site doesn’t have variety of books as compared to other free e-book sites.

This site is dedicated for downloading a variety of e-books. The other good thing about this free e-book site is that they update people on the latest release of e-books through their twitter handle which is very active.

This website has about 325 free downloadable e-books. This has random e-books which are not categories, so you can just bump into good e-book content.

This is site for science fiction, mystery, historical and romance e-books which can be searched in the Bibliotastic.

The book boon site is a little website which is simply and smartly designed to enable you navigates through the menus and find the e-book you want in a matter of seconds. The site has different categories which include; travel guide, educational books and travel guides. These books can be freely downloaded without any signing up or registration. The e-books can be downloaded in different formats which can be read by different devices. However, if the format you have download can’t be recognize by the device, you can convert it to another format by using a free format converter free epub converters

This site has a variety of free computer e-books and free online books which are related to IT, mathematics, Computer Science, Business, Physics, Marketing and Science. These e-books can be searched using either the authors or publishers.

This site is designed for downloading free e-books which are divided into 96 categories and options of downloading about 4485 books. The total capacity of 7197 GB. The e-books can be searched by the following categories: Engineering, Scientific, Fiction and Programming. The books can be downloaded without any registration.

The has several e-books which can be searched and downloaded for E-book readers, iPods and PDA. There are about 21,000 e-books which can be searched by using the titles.

This site is for downloading free e-books for the following categories: programming books, engineering and computer science. These books are legally uploaded into the site for free download.

The scribd site is an online platform where people share files such as word, pdf, PowerPoint, excel etc. Many people upload different e-books in exchange for another book that you have not read at no cost.

This is a unique site for e-publishing, it is specialized for downloading free e-books.The unique feature about this site is that different e-books have star ratings, which helps the reader to identify and download books with good quality content.

KnowFree is site which has a portal, whereby users upload and exchange different e-books and video matreilas. Most of these books are for tutorials and educational purposes.

This website offers softwares and e-books which can be downloaded for free.

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