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Most Durable Smartphone

Durability is an important criterion while selecting a smartphone. Every person invests a large amount in their phone and expects that it lasts long for years.

This durable nature of the phones will make the investment on smartphones really worthy. The durable phones have multi-functionality and can be used in traveling and tough conditions. These phones can withstand drops to a great extent compared to other slim and expensive phones. Customers check online for durable phones to make real value for their money. Here we’er talking about some tough smartphones suitable for outdoor activities as well as daily life. See more smartphone reviews here.

BlackBerry Classic Smartphone

Most durable smartphone

Blackberry is the favorite smartphone preferred for its durability. The large touch screen makes navigation simple and easy. This BlackBerry classic smartphone offers amazing internet speeds, making browsing an amazing experience.

It is a bit heavy, weighing 6.24 ounces. Blackberry classic is powerful, and design is familiar. This phone is specifically built for durability and reliability. The phone offers improved productivity and forms the perfect communications tool for the users.

The phone allows the user to download all android and blackberry apps. The phone provides excellent performance on games and browsing. The battery life of the mobile lasts up to 22 hours and offers the best battery performance. The solid stainless steel body and high-quality material make provides the perfect grip and higher protection for the phone.

NEC Terrain PTT Smart Phone


This NEC Terrain Android phone is strongly built and highly durable. The battery life lasts up to 600 minutes and the standby time is around 14.5 hours. This mobile is perfect for browsing with 4G capabilities and WiFi.

This powerful communication device is Bluetooth enabled and offered high speeds. The speakers are present in the bottom front and are nice and loud. The smartphone has the functionalities of the Galaxy Tab. The phone is waterproof and rugged to handle drops.This makes the phone the favorite of terrain lovers.

The phone supports all Android apps. Above all, this is the cheapest mobile in the market and getting all latest technologies for such a low price is always a boon to the users. It also must be noted that NEC has stopped manufacturing phones.

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

Most durable smartphone

Samsung galaxy rugby pro is best suited for outdoor and built to withstand tough conditions. The phone had a 5 MP camera and powered by 1.5 GHz dual core processor. It is an all-purpose phone to play games, work, entertain, etc. Children can use the phone and is highly durable.

The phone is durable in rainy and muddy places. The functionality of the phone remains the same in all situations. This Android device is tough enough to stay durable on getting dropped or drowning in the rains. It makes the mobile durable under extreme conditions.

The usage and functionalities of the mobile are the same as other mobiles in the same range offering good speeds on the internet, fast processing, etc. The rugby series of Samsung phones are compatible with AT&T.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD XT926

Most durable smartphone

Motorola Droid RAZR is very thin with a 24-hour battery life. This is an update to the original Droid RAZR. Multitasking is the specialty of this mobile with entertainment, games, business, apps, music, video, etc. The mobile is certified and tested in extreme conditions. This adds to the durable nature of the phone.

The display of the phone is enhanced with the super AMOLED screen. NFC addition is another feature of the phone. The users can access the Google Play store and download apps and various items. The phone works excellent with the Verizon network.

The battery saver tool on the phone helps the phone to remain charged for two days. This phone is perfect for multitask users and lasts for a long time giving a smooth performance.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803

Most durable smartphone

Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof and durable nature. The phone weighs 4.48 ounces and has similar functionalities as Galaxy alpha. This phone is the first preference of battery life lovers. It gives an amazing 880 hours of standby time and 12 hours of talk time. This indicates that the phone will last long both in battery life as well as in usage.

Sony’s camera quality is unbeatable, and this phone is no exception. This phone is also preferred for its size and high performance. The phone is solid with a crafted design with the capacity to handle rough conditions. A case is covering the phone forms an added protection to the phone making it further durable.

Users can experience great speeds in browsing, Facebook, and other online apps. Listening music and capturing pictures are of very high quality. The screen of the mobile gets damaged on falling down, and a screen protector extends the durability of this phone.

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