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Kose Addiction Skin Protector SPF 50+/pa++++ Review

One of the main reasons that skin looks darker as women ages is because of the exposure to the Sun. A recent study also showed that women who live in a colder climate area where Sun hardly comes out suffer less from wrinkles and blemishes. There are some young women who say that they do not need Sunscreen lotion as they travel by the car. But that is not right at etoro怎么样 all. If you are out in the Sun you have to apply a Sunscreen. Sun causes a lot of problems for skin; everyone needs to be serious about this. There is lots of Sunscreen available in the market, but very few of them actually work. is the best Sunscreen lotion that you can get. The product is made by a Japanese brand and like everything else their Sunscreen is also best.


One tube will cost you $63.99. Now this may appear costly but it will protect your skin from sudden breakouts and uneven skin tone, it is absolutely worth the price.


This Sunscreen comes is a very well made white tube and you can get the idea from the package that how carefully the product is manufactured. The cap is air tight and it is very hygienic. You cannot complain that your product came in cheap plastic jar. It is very convenient; you can carry the tube in your purse easily for an overnight outing.


Some Sunscreen lotions are so light that you had a hard time believing that this product will actually work. Some on the other hand is way too thick, you need to massage for couple of minutes to blend the product perfectly on your face. Kose Addiction Skin Protector 50+/pa++++ has the perfect texture, it is neither too thick nor too light, it’s just perfect. You need to use only a little bit of product for one time use. The cream also blends on your skin very fast.


Flowers have a big impact in Japanese culture; most of their products smell like fresh flower. This Sunscreen is also no different, but it does not really have distinct strong flower smell. When you open up the tube cap you feel a flower like smell, but as you apply the product on your skin the smell vanishes.


Do not apply Sunscreen lotion only on your face, but apply it on every bare part of the body which will not be covered up by the cloth when you are out in the day time. If you apply the lotion only on the face then you will end up with uneven skin tones. Clean your body very well before applying the Sunscreen lotion.


Kose Addiction Skin Protector 50+/pa++++ (SPF) works for all skin types. You can also use it if you have sensitive skin.


This Sunscreen has SPF 50 which is just outstanding, even if you have milky white pale skin you can be sure that this product will protect your skin when you are out in the Sun. there is absolutely zero chances of getting Sunburn if you  use this product before going out. No matter what your skin type is it will work. This Sunscreen is also so well made that it doubles up as a moisturizer. It makes your skin really soft and will keep that way for the entire day. Many people do not understand the benefits of using a good Sunscreen lotion. But if they notice carefully then they will see that their skin is not getting as darker as it used to be after a day out in the Sun.

The day you start using , take an exam, clean your face with cotton after you get home. You will definitely realize that the cotton ball is much cleaner than it used to be. This cream will help your skin dealing with dirt and pollution a better way. Your skin will not pick them up, as your skin will be hydrated. Lifeless dry skin is the soft target for all kind of skin related problems. It is all in one Sunscreen that every woman needs to use. Remember a very important thing Sunscreen with over SPF 50 protects your skin from skin cancer.


Japanese brands only use ingredients that are available in nature, you will not find harmful chemicals in their product. This Sunscreen is very effective because it has all the essential oils and vitamins and no chemicals at all.

Your skin is your best accessory, protect the skin in as many ways as possible. Do not ever go out in the Sun without applying Sunscreen lotion all over your body.


Written by Shiryee Ma

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