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iPad vs.Tablet

It may sound unbelievable, but touch sensitive tablets have been around for the last 20 years, just that no one was using them until Apple revolutionized the electronics market with the iPad in 2010.

A majority of iPad’s success owes its legions to the legendary iPhone that paved way for its larger sibling. The entire marketplace was thrilled with the idea of having an iPhone based interface, enhanced capabilities and customized apps on a much larger screen.

Tablet reivew

While Apple has established its superiority in the portable touchscreen based devices, the Android platform is not far behind. Android tablets are manufactured by a plethora of companies such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola this peer competition drives the prices down and makes these devices within grasp of the average electronic enthusiast.

Instead of comparing the two devices on just technical specs it makes sense to point his comparison back to your unique needs.

What’s your purpose

In spite of their wide popularity tablets are not a replacement for laptops or traditional desktop pcs.

You shouldn’t expect to satisfy all your business and productivity needs with just an iPad or Android tablet on your side as both the devices are focused towards multimedia experience.

Tips – In the department of business and productivity applications iPad has a natural advantage as the Apple App Store has been existence for a couple of years more than the Android’s Google Play store and hence has better applications in this category.

What is your favorite OS flavor

While a few may disagree any Apple fan would never love the Android tablet because the user experience is not targeted towards ease of use and simplicity and is rather focused on providing a plethora of configuration options at the user’s fingertips.

ipad owners love the way their working knowledge of Mac OS is so relevant across the complete range of Apple products including the ipad.

iPad vs.Tablet

Tips – On the other hand, Windows, Linux or other configurable OS users would certainly miss the freedom in terms of reconfigurability and ease of data transfer on the iPad. Their natural choice will be the Android tablet that would allow them to tinker with the available options to completely personalize their touchscreen tablet.

App Options

Any touchscreen tablet is nothing more than a fancy centerpiece without the much-needed applications that transform your perspective and provide you an enriching experience.

If you are looking for a limitless supply of amazing applications being built in-house by Apple and thousands of third party vendors who are committed to utilizing the power of iPad to give life to their vision.

iPad vs.Tablet

Android is continuing to make leaps towards expanding the number and enhancing the quality of applications that Google play store offers, and although the collection is diverse and comparatively inexpensive it is nowhere near beating the App store yet. While the Android store has thousands of applications, the App store has hundreds of thousands of applications.

Another challenge with the Android applications is the wide range of devices specs that they need to comply with ranging from 7-inch screens to 10-inch screens. This makes it all the more experience to give a uniform and enriching user experience for all Android users. Apple, on the other hand, dictates the tone across all the App store developer groups, and each application is customized to look and function at its best on the iPad.

Tips – Apple’s app store is meticulously managed and offers a diverse selection of applications to meet all your multimedia, productivity and business needs. If you are looking for a large selection of top grade applications, then an ipad is your best bet.

Screen size and Storage Capacity

This is an exceptionally tough category for both competitors. While Android took the beginners advantage by offering larger screen real-estate ranging from 7-inch to 10-inch tablets, Apple was soon to follow and introduced the Ipad in a variety of screen sizes.

iPad vs.Tablet


When it comes to screen resolution both ipad and Android Tablets offer the same high-resolution capacities and it is a matter of personal opinion whether you love the more subtle and natural looking colors on ipad or the deep, vibrant color temperature and viewing pleasure of Android tablets.

Tips – Android tablets do beat iPad in the storage category as they offer cheap MicroSD card enabled storage options because buying a 160GB iPad could literally burn a hole in your pocket.

Performance Specs

While Android is consistently upgrading its hardware arsenal across all manufacturing and most of the high spec models from Samsung, Sony and Motorola compete and often beat ipad’s on the technical specs, they really do not envy the ipad in terms of actual performance.

Apple has been known for its brilliance in designing the form factor to take the maximized collective advantage of the hardware specs. (See more electronics review here.)

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