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How to Use Facial Oil

il massage is must for a glowing face. You can use many creams on your face, but nothing will give your skin the nourishment that an oil massage can. If you ask your grandma then she will say that in her times they used to use only oil on their skin. Your grandma most probably still has a great skin because of that. No matter what your age is you need to make oil massage a part of your daily skin routine. But before you run to the store and start using oil on your face here are some necessary points you need to know about using facial oil.
How to Use Facial Oil (2)

Get your face ready for the Oil

Before staring the oil massage make sure that you cleaned your face very well. If you massage the oil on a dirty face then the dirt and the oil will cause infection on your face. After cleaning the face very well, dry it with a lukewarm towel. It will open up the pores, and your face will be able to absorb the nutrition from the oil completely.

Sit in a nice clean place

Some people do a facial massage outside. Even though outside air is always great for your lungs, but it is not necessarily good when you are using facial oil. There are lots of germ in the air and when you get your face hydrated with either oil or moisturizer it almost becomes a magnet with dirt. So the best way to get an oil massage is to sit in a clean room. Put some music on and sit on a chair in front of your dressing table. Music will help you relax and when your mind is relaxed, your facial muscles are too relaxed. Now clean your hands very well before you start massaging.

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Not all oils are for everyone

There are lots of facial oils available in the market. But not all oils are suitable for you. Most oils have lots of natural ingredients which many people are allergic to. So before you buy the oil check out the ingredients list on the back of the product, if you are not sure then apply it on the back of hand and wait 48 hours, if no allergic reactions happen then you are okay to use the oil.  Try using organic oils for face like virgin coconut oil, they are the best.

Evening is the best time to use the face oil

It is always best to use the facial oil after you are home and nowhere to go. If you get a facial oil massage and then go outside your face will attract a lot of dirt, or the makeup or moisturizer you applied on your face may create a bad reaction mixed with oil. Massaging the face with oil in evening and then going to bed is the best thing to do, the oil massage will act like a night repair cream and you will wake up with a soft glowing face next morning.

Do not use oil massage after applying moisturizer

You have to do the oil massage on a bare skin. Never ever use a moisturizer and then do the facial massage. All chemical in your moisturizer can cause red rashes on your face if it gets mixed with your oil. The thing is oil does the same job as moisturizer does, so if you are getting an oil massage daily you really do not need to use a moisturizer. Real good oil for face can give you all the nutrition you need, so do not use other products like anti aging cream, serum etc with the oil.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

How to Use Facial Oil (1)

Follow the instruction according to your skin type

Normal, dry and sensitive skins need different type of oil massages. Your oil should have all the instruction written on it. Follow the directions exactly. If you have an acne full face and the oil says that do not use it on sensitive skin then obey that and do not use that oil. Your acne situation may get worse otherwise.

Heat the oil

Not all oils need to be heated before you use them, so hit up the oil only it is mentioned on the product. Otherwise use the oil as it is.

No oil massage for oily skin

If you have oily skin, then stay away from all kind of oil massages. No matter what the product says it is not for you. You already have too much oil on your face and if you use more oil on face then it may cause sudden break outs.

A good diet and regular oil massage can give you a blemish free skin that you always wanted. Oil is great for skin, but stay away from chemical products, only use organic virgin oils for face. Natural oils have fat which is what your skin needs to glow. Oil massage can also get rid of aging signs.

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