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How to Set up Online Faxing

How to Set up Online FaxingUndoubtedly,internet fax service is one of the best innovations the new technology has brought. Some of advantages of using an online fax service as opposed to the traditional way of faxing, you only need internet connection and a device like computer, laptop or even a Smartphone to get started. Just like the traditional mode of faxing however, you must be assigned a fax number after which the fax messages sent to it will be delivered to your email inform of attachments. In exchange several internet service providers such as eFax and myFax won’t charge over $13.99 monthly if you leave the entire set up for them. However, you always set up the fax services on your own without spending any single cent. With this, you stand to enjoy lots of services with no registration fee and no set up charges; just absolutely free! All you need to do is following a few steps which we will share with you below.

Acquisition of fax Number

The very first step is getting access to an online fax number from the many providers available.  The fax number you need is hugely dependent on the type of services you would want to enjoy with the online fax service. There are wide options of numbers to choose from during the application. The main three that are always common include local fax number, toll fax number and lastly your current number. Local fax number is best chosen when you want the fax number to have a similar code as your local business number. It is ideal for a small business that centers its focus on a given area. This might be a restaurant or retailer shops whose main client are the local residents. You should also take into consideration the name of the city in which your business is based. This comes handy when your town shares the same code with another; something that is very common. If you don’t take this into consideration, you might find the code of the given number very different from that of your business.

How to Set up Online FaxingA good example is the case of Austin and Georgetown sharing the same code of 512! The other number is the toll-free fax number which is always very common. It enables you to receive faxes from other users who are long distance away without them incurring higher call charges unnecessarily. This can also come handy when you live in a small town where there isn’t a provider with your local code area. This might however cost you some few dollars but not that much. Lastly, you have the option of using an existing number as your fax line. With this, you will have to port the given number into the internet fax service. This always comes at a cost and should be your last resort if possible. You are charged to port in your number into the service and the charges vary with different providers. Similarly, you will be charged if you opt to port out by cancelling the services or when you choose to change the provider. Once this is done, you only have your computer to configure and start enjoying online faxing.  Some of Advantages of using an online fax service

Installation and Configuration of the Fax Component

To have the online fax completely set up, you need to install the fax components of the computer by following a few easy steps.

  • First click unto the start icon and go to the control panel. Go ahead and select add or remove program icon. This is followed by clicking add or remove windows component on the left side. Once you are in the component list, mark the fax services check box and then hit next.
  • The installation of the online fax services will automatically follow. Should need be, insert the window installer CD and click OK. The installation on the fax component will automatically start and once it is complete:  Click finish and then remove the programmed window.

All that remains now is for you to configure your computer to online faxing.

  • Just like in the other case, click on the Start then select all Programs and then to Accessories. Move the cursor to communications and then lastly to fax.
  • Go ahead and click the fax console which will out rightly start the Fax set up Wizard.
  • Go ahead and type the necessary fax details including area code, location, and carrier code and the number you had previously secured.
  • Select the telephone system in use, either pulse or tone dial and then click OK.
  • Type the information that is to appear on the cover page and then click next.
  • Go ahead and select the fax modem you are using on the list of devices and click the Next icon. In certain circumstances, you might be prompted to type the Transmitting Subscriber ID that is used in the TSID field. This is used in recognizing where the fax message originates.
  • Go ahead and click next. If you want all the faxes received to be automatically printed then mark Print It icon and even select the specific printer to perform the task; otherwise assume.

All that now remains is confirmation of the configuration settings in the configuration summary list and the click Finish. that’s it! Your computer is now fully set up with online fax service and you can now start receiving and sending fax messages as you wish. No restrictions!

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