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How to Send Online Fax to Email?


Are you not happy about your fax machine as it is causing you lot of problems? Is your faxing needs not been met? If these two questions are running in your mind as of now, then you would want to know that you are not alone. Sending and receiving faxes through a fax machine can be tiresome.

Some people have felt that it makes them become weak as they have to perform physical activities that cause them injuries. Picking up papers or bending when repairing sometime, might cause harm. When you are in your senior years and might not be able to bend or stand for long, then you will want to choose alternative.

Similarly, when you find that the faxing is not helping your cause then you will want to make use of online fax services. Online faxing or sending and receiving faxes through the Internet are becoming a popular trend among small businesses. There are several reasons for that, which we will read below.

Having said that you will want to know that using online fax services must be done only after your know how to select the best online fax service. There are many firms which provide you with online fax services. These companies can help you communicating with your clients effectively. To make profits, you need to communicate with your clients on time.

Benefits of using online fax services

There are many benefits of using online fax service.

You save money

You save a lot of money. Small businesses must make sure that they do not have too many expenses. That decreases their profits. When you have too many expenses on your overhead costs, then you will find that your profits are getting consumed. Using online faxes helps you to send and receive faxes without too much strain.

You are using your email id to send and receive your faxes from your clients. The power expenditure is also saved as you are not going to spend on the power. When using the fax machine, you need to spend on power. That is not needed here as you can use your PC or mobile to send and receive faxes.

Do not require send phone line

You do not need phone lines. As you might know, maintaining phone lines can be expensive. You have many things to take care of. However, using online faxes helps you to avoid phone lines. Long distant calls are also expensive and cost you a lot of money. These are saved when you use online faxes.


You can perform tasks from anywhere

Sending faxes can be done from anywhere. If you are somebody who travels often to meet clients or go on business trips, then you can send faxes on the go. Things get done using the Internet. The need to have your computer system and laptop is not required. You can send faxes from anywhere you want.

Isn’t that great? As a business person you might need to travel often meetings with clients and attending conferences. But, it is crucial that you do not miss out on sending and receiving important faxes from your customers. That is the best way to ensure that you remain in touch. This feature helps you send and receive faxes when travelling.

The formats of sending and receiving emails are PDF and TIFF. However, there are many formats which you can send and receive your emails. It depends on the online fax company you have hired for your small business. If you have hired somebody who does not provide you with these formats, then you will not want to utilize their services.

You have many plans from which you can select from. It is important that you select the perfect plan which meets your requirements. Various plans come with many features. Based on your requirements, you can choose the plan. The pay as you go plan is the best as it allows you to pay according to your use.

Choosing the online faxing company which can benefit your business is something that you need to take your time. You do not want to hasten the process as it will backfire. With the vast numbers of options you have selecting an online fax service might be tough. You know now that online fax is all about using your email to send and receive all your faxes.

Some of the best online fax services include eFax and Rapidfax. Online faxing is an easy way to contact your clients. The need to invest on equipments and drill holes on your walls is not there. You need to make sure that you research and find out more on the online fax services which are provided by the different companies.

You must take your time before you make your decision as it all lies on that.

Written by LiLing Kim

LiLing Kim

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