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How to Remove Self Tanner

Getting a fake tan is very common, lots of celebrities are also endorsing it. Fake tan is not only quick but also better in certain ways, as scientists are warning that UV ray will be so powerful in couple of years that more and more people will be affected by skin cancer. Pale skin makes you look weak and less energetic, that is why most young stars are going for fake tanning products. But sometimes fake tanning does not go as it was planned and you end up looking orange. So if this happens to you then here are simple steps which will help you in getting rid of that orange skin tone very quickly.

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Take a good look at your skin

Most young girls’ get so upset when they see their skin is looking orange that they do not like looking at their own body. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about, this can happen to  anyone and you can get rid of this problem very easily too. So take a good look at your body and see which part of the body is looking dark orange and which part is light brown, because you need to use different kinds of formulas for them.

Lemon and whitening tooth paste

For the areas of your body which is looking light orange use some fresh lemon juice and leave it for couple of minutes. Usually this will get rid of almost all the self tanning lotion. Now for the darker part use some tooth paste and baking soda mixture, apply it evenly with a flat wooden spoon.  Wait until the mix dries completely and then take a regular shower as you do. But do not use soap afterwards, sometimes self tanning lotion and soap creates a bad reaction to your skin.

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Another very expensive but sure way to get rid of orange tan is to take as shower using alcohol.  Vodka cleans up almost all the orange spots from your skin. But this process cannot be followed by everyone as Vodka is a really costly drink. You can also try this same thing with an alcohol based tanner, and if the tanning lotion is not that good it could also work. Raw vinegar is also another cheap way, so if you have these things in your home then give it a try. These products will at least do not give you any kind of bad reactions.

Take a long hot shower

Now after doing any one of these above steps you need to take a power shower instead of any ordinary shower. So what you need to do is to fill your bath tub with warm water and then mix some soap free shower gel with the warm water. Put on your favorite music in the background. Just relax and sit in the bath tub for half an hour, many people believe that this will even your skin tone, sometimes if the fake tanning lotion you used is chemical free then this step will be enough to get rid of orange skin and you do not need to do the first two steps.

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Baby oil

Baby oil is not just for the babies, it is sometime very useful for the adults too. After the long hot shower apply the baby oil all over your body, if possible then do a little massage with it. Many beauty experts say that massaging your entire body with baby oil will even the skin tone again and it will also help in making the skin iBoy 2017 downloaddownload movie Fast & Furious 9

Buy a tan remover

Some brands make tan removing cream but it is not available everywhere. If you are lucky and can find one for yourself then apply it all over your body and follow the steps that are written on the back of the product. If it is really good as it claims then you will be able to wake up with your natural skin tone the next morning. Many professional makeup artists use these products and they say it is totally safe to use and does not cause your body any kind of bad reaction.

Go to a parlor

There are some beauty parlors who offer the facility of tan removing. It will not cause you a lot of money and at the same time you will get a whole body massage. If you feel your tan is looking really bad and nothing in home can help you with the situation then it is better to take professional help. It will take only one session for them to give you back your original skin tone.

The best way to protect your skin is to be as natural as possible, so do not use these tanning lotions too often.

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