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How to recover from jet lag?

We don’t always need a watch to know about time. Our body has the ability get at least an estimate about what time of day it is. You feel fresh in the morning and start feeling tired as night approaches. Everyone’s clock runs according to them. The difference in the time zones of different nations is obvious.

Besides that, the routine also has a great impact. Some people wake up early,others don’t. Similarly, some people sleep more; others do less. All this makes their body’s clocks tick at different speeds. Another thing that can affect their clocks is long distance air travel.

When flying from one country to another, crossing multiple time zones can cause jet lag. It goes like this. Suppose you depart from your country at 8 in the morning, and your journey took 14 hours in total. According to your watch, it would be 10 at night, and time for you to go to sleep. But, at the place where you landed, it could be just 6 in the evening. You would be feeling tired and sleepy, but it is the time to party and enjoy.

At that time, you can either wait for night to fall or go to bed early. Whatever you do, it will mess your body’s clock. It might not seem a very big deal, but it can cause problems like poor body coordination, nightly amnesia, etc. And when you return to your home, it happens again. So, you really need to find a way to recover from jet lag. Or you should cancel your trip because you are not going to enjoy it anyway. So, if you chose the former, here are a few tips for you.Boyka: Undisputed IV movie

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Stay in shape

Obviously your health has a great impact on this. If you have great stamina and are physically strong, the effects of jet lag will not be that bad. You will also be able to recover faster and easier. You can see it like this. If you are feeling tired, but it is not yet dark in the new country, you can spend a few more hours awake to set your body according to the new time zone. But, you can do this only if your body allows you to. Otherwise, you will make things worse. So, before making the reservations, you should start doing a little walk or a jog every day.

Say no to alcohol

Having a drink while on the plane seems to be extremely luxurious, and is a dream of many people. No matter how much you want to do that, it is not a good idea. Alcohol can make the effects of jet lag worse. Many doctors recommend that a person should not consume alcohol one day before, one day after and during the flight. The dehydration caused by drinking can cause problems like nausea.

Caffeine is no good either

Drinking coffee before, during or after the flight can have the same effects as alcohol. It will cause dehydration in the body, and will make it very hard for you to adjust your sleep cycle according to the country you are visiting.

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Drink lots of water

Water is very helpful in recovering from jet lag. And it is good for your health in almost any situation. So drink lots of water. You should take a water bottle with you if allowed. Keep your mouth and throat wet at all times. You might have to go to the toilet a couple of times more, but the benefits will outweigh the minor side effects. The moving around will be very helpful for you too. It will let the blood reach all the muscles of your body properly.

Be relaxed and comfortable

Make sure that the clothes that you will be wearing during the flight are comfortable. You should be able to move around easily, and there should not be any pressure on any part of your body. Also, the clothes should protect you from the climate. Wear simple and easy footwear. The ones that can be taken off with ease.

Modify your routine

This is a little-advanced step, but is very effective. If you set your schedule according to the country you are going to, you should face absolutely no problem after the journey. It can take anywhere between a week and a month to get comfortable with the new routine, but it will be extremely helpful. You should take this step only if it is very important that you are able to work with the new schedule as soon as you land. It can be the case if you are traveling abroad to meet with an extremely important client, and the meeting will take place immediately after you land. Otherwise, you should take the basic steps described above.

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