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How to Make Your Eyeshadow Stay on

The eyes are the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. While getting ready eyes are the ones girls focus more on. Eyeliners, eye shadows, eyebrow curlers are some of the things used while doing makeup of eyes. There is a famous quote which says “Do the talking with your eyes!” But what if the makeup you applied to your eyes to make them look good did the opposite after some time?

Eyeshadows need high maintenance because they smudge easily. For working women it is important that their eyeshadows stay for long, as they work all day in the office and they don’t get time to do touch up every hour. Even if you are going to a party, you want your makeup to stay for long. You don’t want to look absurd by the end of the party because your makeup doesn’t stay for long.

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Below mentioned are some of the tricks that will help you to make your eyeshadows stay for long. Use your eyeshadows with these tricks.

Apply little water to your eyeshadow

What ? Water? Yes! Water helps your eyeshadow to stay for long. Water has holding abilities that makes your skin hold the eyeshadow for a long interval of time. You must be thinking that water is used to clean makeup then how it helps in making the eyeshadows stay, but believe me it does. Just use little water. Wet eyeshadows always stay for long. This is the cheapest way.

Use clean oil base

Before applying eyeshadow, use an oil base on your eyes. The oil will help to hold the eyeshadow for longer. Those who have oily skin can avoid this and use other methods. You can use any kind of oil, you just need to remember that you have to use only one little drop of oil. Don’t overdo it! Oil is easily available in every house, just make use of it.

Use cream bases

Your eyeshadows will look pigmented when you will use a cream eyeshadow base with your eyeshadow. It will help your eyeshadow look more dominant. You just need to use the same color of the cream eyeshadow base as the color of the eyeshadow that you are going to use. Cream bases are easily available in all the shops.

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Use of primer for eyeshadows

There are various eyeshadow primers available in the market; you can buy any as per your budget. Buy a quality one! Apply eyeshadow primer before apply eyeshadows. You can use different primers for high end and low end areas of the eyes or you can use the same. Massage gently over your eyes for few minutes to make the primer settle on your eyes. After that, apply the eye shadow.

Use concealer as a base

Many girls use concealer as a base for their eyeshadows. Concealer acts as a good base and a better and good substitute for the primer to make your eyeshadows to stay for long. There are no specific concealers that come only for eyes so you can use the one that you use on your face. Concealer provides a smooth and clean base for your eyeshadow.

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Use milk of magnesia

It is a medically proven product and doesn’t harm your skin, so if you don’t want to use primer, you can use this instead. During summers skin produces oil and hence the makeup we apply doesn’t stay for long. Milk of magnesia has properties that reduce the production of oil. Hence applying it as a primer before applying eyeshadow will make the eyeshadow to stay for long. It can also be used during winters.

Use of correct eyeshadow brush

Girls, stop using your fingers to apply eyeshadows. Use a proper eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow. An eye shadow brush helps one in applying equal quantity of eyeshadow all over their eye. It not only gives a better finish to your eye makeup but also helps in making your eyeshadow stay for long. If equal quantity of eyeshadow will be applied to the upper part of the eye and if it fades, then also your eyes won’t look bad because all portions of the upper part of your eye will look same.

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Makeup setting fix is also a good option

Using a makeup setting fix after applying the eyeshadows is also a good option. Applying it, will lock your makeup and will prevent it for a long time. After applying it you can easily enjoy without even worrying about smudging of your eyeshadows.

By using above hacks and tips, you can easily make your eyeshadow stay for some extra time. There are many products that claim to be waterproof and smudge free but they also need some sort of base to hold them. Apply above and make your eyes look beautiful for a long time.

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