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How to Get Through the Airport Faster

Airports are getting busier with long lines at check-in and security. Most of the airlines are understaffed and in many situations, delays occur in checking. A large part of our time in an airport is spent in clearing security, checking in and bag clearance. This article discusses the various ways, tips and warnings to be followed to get through the airport faster. See more travel tips here.

 How to Get Through the Airport Faster

Preparation is the key

Be prepared before entering the airport. You have to do some basic homework in avoiding unnecessary hassles in the airport. Some of them include-film Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

  • Keep three-ounce bottles to carry your liquids in a zip style plastic bag
  • Wear slip on shoes to ensure the comfort of standing in long security lines and that can be removed while passing through the metal detector.
  • Avoid contrabands
  • Keep your belongings in an organized manner
  • Do not wear metallic clothing or carry metallic accessories to get detected by a metal detector
  • Ensure you possess your passport, wallet, ID and boarding pass before leaving for the airport.

Dress appropriately to clear screening fast

AIT machines are installed for screening. You have to remove all bulk jewelry, wallet, keys, belt, cell phone and all items from your pockets. This Advanced Imaging Technology forms an aspect of the screening process. If you have body piercings, you may have to remove them after the screening. Religious people are allowed to wear coverings in the head during screening. This headwear needs additional screening to check any prohibited items. It is customary to remove your shoes during X-ray machine screening to identify explosives and other anomalies.

Checking in

Boarding passes need not be in print form. Just a barcode on your phone is enough. It is better to check in online earlier to select the seat of your choice. Always select the seat close to the front of the plane to get through the airport in a quick and fast way. Hence, choose your seat wisely while checking in online. You can save precious time in checking your bag by keeping your luggage simple. You can see many people waiting for a long time in completing their bag check. Save a lot of time at the airport by keeping the luggage simple and following the airport code for packing items and liquids. Do not keep liquids in your carry-on bags to get through security quickly. Always keep yourselves informed on the flights, accommodations and have a solid trip plan.



Here are a few tips of getting through the airport faster

  • Avoid carrying more stuff
  • Keep the essentials like a credit card, ID and boarding pass in an easily accessible place in your wallet
  • Have your documents ready
  • Check flight status using smartphone apps like TripIt or respective airline websites to find cancelations before beginning to the airport
  • Sign up in TSA Precheck traveler program available in 130 airports
  • Check-in online to select seats in a wise manner
  • International travelers can use the program to avoid long customs and immigration lines
  • If you have your ride, then check for availability of parking lots in airport online
  • Remain calm when you are pulled for additional searches
  • Do not carry coin changes as you have to put them in the bin at the airport
  • Arrive at the airport well before time at least 90 minutes before calculating check in time
  • Carry pets and children along with you through the metal detector
  • Choose the lone agent counter to move quickly in line. Keep in mind if there are two agents in the counter, they are trainees and will take time
  • Print your boarding pass in self-kiosks to save time if you have carry on bags
  • Do not carry gift packed items
  • Carry a pen to fill in some form details and avoid waiting time in borrowing a pen from others
  • Follow and stay behind the business travelers to move quickly through fast lines


Here, are a few warnings. Do not crack terrorist related jokes and talk about bombs within the airport. All these threats are taken seriously, and you will end up in a lot of troubles in such cases. There are many such incidents where people are taken for questioning doubted as terrorists. Another mistake passenger commit is they place their boarding pass, passport, and wallet in the check in bags. It causes a lot of problems and delays. Check and claim your baggage on connecting flights. Patiently listen to all security instructions as it is keep to you only safe. Avoid belligerent behavior and harsh speeches inside the airport. You should think carefully before talking. Avoid taking photographs of the airport to avoid questioning.

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