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How to get lost luggage back

Daily, a lot of bags get lost or mishandled in the airport. There are many reasons for this including identity mistake, mix up of bag tags, connecting flight baggage transfers, etc. In most of the cases, people do not give proper contact information on the luggage. Some people tie colored ribbons and tags to make their luggage stand apart. See more travel tips here.

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Take these precautions to prevent your bag from getting lost-

  • Take a photo of your bag
  • Do not keep precious and valuable items in the bag

Take these precautions once your bag is lost

  • Make a report before leaving the airport
  • Fill out the claim form in the baggage claim office
  • Mail complaint to particular airline company
  • Get compensation for the lost luggage from the airline company
  • In case of connecting flights, the last airline carrier is held responsible

Claim your missed luggage from Airport lost and found section

In some cases, other people may take the luggage of others in a hurry and some may forget to take their luggage. These are stored at the airport lost and found areas. You can claim your bag from this area of the airport. You can check online at to get details on the missing items. Alternatively, find an employee at the airport and report or lodge a complaint with the airport office. Contact the airport office and check for your missed items and luggage. Lodge an official complaint or bag claim in paper format at the airport about your luggage detailing about the items in the lost bag. You can file your complaint in the claims section of the baggage or in the reservation desk by mentioning your details and plane details along with the journey date. It has to be done immediately after losing the Teleios 2017 trailerdownload full movie Berlin Syndrome 2017

How to get lost luggage back (3)

File a complaint with Transportation Department

If you have no proper response from airport customer service for more than two days, then you should complain in the Transportation Department DoT Aviation Bureau. They have a computerized system to accept all complaints and address the grievances of passengers regarding missing luggage. DoT is an excellent resource to find your missing bag.

Use mobile apps to track your luggage

You can use your smartphone to download apps like Trakdot, trace me luggage, iTrak, etc. and use them to track your luggage location using local cell phone networks. Trakdot and iTrak use advanced cell phone technologies to trace your bag. Luggage comes with a unique bar code, and when it is scanned at any place, the owner will receive a text message. This Trace me Luggage Tracker is a cost effective option.

Tips to get your luggage back

Some of the useful tips that can bring your luggage back are

  • File a written complaint in airport office and get a compensation of up to $3400 if baggage is lost
  • Consider a travel insurance
  • Check your bags for damage on receiving it back
  • Post and share your lost luggage stories online in social media
  • Stick your name and contact details both outside and inside your bag. Just stick your card outside and drop one in the bag
  • Avoid late check ins
  • Itemize your things
  • Make sure that the bag carries the correct destination
  • Keep valuable things and a pair of dresses in your carry-on bag
  • Try to keep people clothes in different bags to avoid risk of losing everything at a go
  • Use Rebound TAG or super smart tag to track your luggage
  • Never exaggerate the claim amount
  • Airlines will deny the claim in case of exaggeration on fraud terms
  • In case of compensation, choose cash instead of another air ticket or gifts
  • Free tickets can be bought as claim once you have a need to travel
  • Check for blackout dates and any restrictions in case of ticket compensation
  • Wait patiently to get your compensation
  • Better to travel with a carry-on bag

What to do in case of a lost bag?

In case of a lost bag, it is up to you to negotiate with the airline company and get your compensation for the lost bag. According to DoT, it may take about 3 months to get your claim from the official reporting date of the lost bag. Airline companies pay a maximum of $3330 for a lost bag. Moreover, airlines do not pay the entire compensation amount at a go. They will consider the depreciated value of the items present in the bag, calculate accordingly and arrive at the final claim amount. Airlines act in the similar manner as that of insurance companies in completing the claims. Remember to ask for the bag fee during the refund.

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