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How to Get Fake Tan

Not everything natural is best for you. If you love a more tanned skin then according to the doctors it is better to get a fake tan than spending hours under the harsh UV rays. UV ray is the number one cause for skin cancer. So it is much better to get a fake tan. Many people think that fake tan looks orange, but if you get the fake tan right way then it will not be looking like that.  If you do it right then no one will guess that your tan is not real, here is the step by step guide to getting fake tan.

How to Get Fake Tan (4)

Use a body scrub

This is the first step, to get a fake tan start using a body scrub every day. This is to exfoliate your body and face. You can also use salt and sugar to scrub your skin at the time of bathing. But do it every day for some times. It will get rid of all the dead cells from your skin and also farm it.

Use a good moisturizer

If your skin is dry then fake tanning products will never look natural. So use a very good moisturizer. Not just in your face but also the entire body skin needs to be soft for a fake tan.

Self Tanner lotion

Now like there are different moisturizers for different skin types, self tanner is same too. So tell the shop keeper about your skin type and ask the person to suggest a product that is best for you. In case your skin is too dry then do the first two steps for at least two weeks and only then use the self tanner lotion, it is hard to use self tanner all by yourself, so ask your friends to do it. Only ask a person who you are very comfortable with. Make sure that your friend is careful that the tanning lotion is spread everywhere equally, if a spot is missed or one spot is too dark then it will bound to look fake.

How to Get Fake Tan

Do not wear any clothing until couple of hours

This is why it is suggested that you only ask your close friend to help you in getting a fake tan done. Do not use the tanning lotion on your body if you have to go out in couple of minutes. If you wear clothes immediately then lot of the tanning lotion will end up on the clothes. Not only your clothes will get ruined but you will also not able to get an even tan all over your body.

If the tan look uneven after drying

If you notice that your tan is looking uneven in couple of areas, then do this simple step, get some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a clean tooth brush. Massage the areas where it looks too dark with the tooth brush and lemon juice. It will get rid of extra tanning lotion product very well.

Go to the beach and flaunt your tan

If you apply all the above process rightly then you will get a tan which will look very natural. Now here is another tip which will make sure that no one knows your tan is fake you can wear the skimpiest bikini to show off your tan, but do not go near the water as if your tanning lotion is not that good then it can get washed by the sea water. You do not need to take that chance and get ridiculed. Tell people that you have a cramp and avoid the water. No one will know that you did this tan by yourself. You can brag spending hours under the Sun to get that tanned look.Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

How to Get Fake Tan (3)

Natural tanning product coffee

If you do not like the idea of a chemical filled fake tanning lotion, then here is a natural solution for you, but for this you need to have some patients. Grind some coffee and mix it with your regular body lotion. Massage the mixture all over your body. Wait for the product to get dry before you wash it off with water. In about two weeks you will see a tanned skin with this process.

Avoid any kind of waxing after you use the tanning lotion

If you need to get rid of unwanted hair from your body then do it before you apply the tanning lotion. Otherwise waxing will get rid of some tanning lotion from your hands and legs, and you will end up having lighter hands or legs than rest of your body parts, people will understand that your tan is not natural.

Most people love tanning as it makes them appear slimmed. But Sun ray is not good for your skin so this fake tan is a much safer option.

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