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How to get a Cheaper Hotel Rates

Going on a trip can be relaxing, and expensive. Hotel costs alone can cost you a pretty penny. This can be stressful for those who save up for a vacation. Here are some tips to help you save on hotel rooms so you can use that extra cash on the trip itself.

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Ask for a lower rate

Sure, easier said than done, but it works. See whether the hotel has any promotions or packages. Ask if they have any special rates for AAA, families, weekends, corporate, etc. If they don’t offer any of this, still try to haggle the price.

Wait for last-minute deals

Of course, this mainly works as a last minute hotel stay rather than booking a room two months from now. If you are flexible on your trip, this tip could be the one for you. Hotel owners are more than happy to accommodate you with a discounted room if they have plenty of empty ones. Empty rooms is just lost money to them. Selling a discounted room is better than an empty room just sitting there.Taste of Cement movie

Shop online

There are many sites out there that offer deals for the hotel you are looking to stay at. Try or You can even look at the hotel’s website to see if they are having any promotions. The internet allows you to shop around for the best prices.

If possible, be flexible with your dates

Hotel rates can vary based on the time of year and week you wish to travel. Some Bed & Breakfast places and other leisure properties offer lower rates midweek. Think about holidays and events that may be going on, these factors may raise hotel rates.

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Consider a package deal

If you are looking to fly and stay at a hotel, try booking them both together. You can often find the two paired together in package deals. You may not have as many hotel choices as with booking them separately, but the savings could be worth it.

Try some not so big hotel chains

You don’t need to stay at that fancy hotel, especially if you plan to spend more time away from it. Try a bed & breakfast or a small independently owned hotel. Big hotel chains are well-known for their service, which is great. You should have great service during your stay, but you can also receive great service at a small hotel. In fact, the hotel service may even try to make things more pleasant for you in hopes that you will stay again and refer them to your friends.

Know exactly how much you are paying and what you are paying for

Be sure to ask what you are being charged: taxes, resort fees, parking costs, etc. Even if a hotel has a lower base rate, it may end up being more expensive with all the extras. Once again, shop around. The internet is a helpful tool for this. Don’t just settle on the first place you see with a great price.

Pay attention to your credit card statements

Occasionally you will find offers for good hotels from your credit card company. They typically request that you have a special code or use the credit card from the company.

Cheaper Hotel Rates (1)

Join the loyalty program

Along with the above advice is this one. If you travel or vacation a lot where you have to book a hotel often, you should see if they have a loyalty program and join it. That way, you can accumulate your rewards points and eventually have enough to pay for your room, or upgrade you to a better room.

Research coupons for your trip

Some people disregard coupons and vouchers, but they can come useful. There are numerous companies offering coupons and vouchers for their products. Coupons are offered in print and online. For some you can merely mention the coupon and save on every aspect of travel. Try researching coupons for your next trip.

Follow up on your booking

First, read up on the hotel’s cancellation policy carefully to make sure you don’t have to pay any penalties before attempting this. If you are in the clear to cancel you booking, you may want to try this. Call back or check the website after a month or so and see if the hotel’s rates have gone down. If they have, cancel your reservation, as long as there is no cancellation penalty, and rebook your room at the lower price.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful when you consider your next hotel stay. Don’t get frustrated trying to book a room. If you are trying to find a cheap hotel room, try searching the web and calling around. If you wish to stay at a particular hotel, but don’t want to pay too much, try haggling or look for promotions offered by the hotel. Have a great stay.

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