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How to Choose Headphones

If you are a music lover, then headphones are essential for you either in the home or while traveling. The majority of people are seen with ear buds in the roads while traveling. This guide will help you in selecting the headphones by offering information on headphones and creating awareness on the various aspects to be checked in a headphone.

Choosing headphone depends on the situation where the headphones are used. When buying headphone, first check for the type of headphone that will suit your need. Here is a list of a few headphone types: See headphone reviews here.


How to choose headphones

Earbuds are tiny earpieces that go into your ears. These are cheap and come free with music players like iPod. If you consider Portability, sound isolation, and comfort, then you can buy the ear buds. Ear buds are best for on the go use. However, the sound quality is not that great as other headphones. If you feel that ear buds disturb your ear canal, then you must think a while before buying this.

Ear Pad Headphones

How to choose headphones

Ear pad headphones are popular from the early days. They do not cover the entire ear but go over your ears. There is the case of sound leaking in these headphones. You will hear the outside noise and little music. If you want to travel frequently, then you can buy these ear pad headphones. These are less expensive, but you have to compromise on sound quality a bit.

Full-size Headphones

How to choose headphones

Full-size headphones are large, and cover the entire ear completely. You will get excellent audio quality in these headphones. Portability becomes a drawback due to their large size. If you prefer high-quality clarity sound, isolation from outside noise, comfort on the head, then you can choose these headphones. You can use these headphones ideally in your home and enjoy the music. A drawback of these headphones is it can create problems in the ear drum for its continuous use.

Apart from these headphone types, there are several features to check in a headphone. We provide a list of essential features to look out in a headphone.


How to choose headphones

This feature of the headphones gives you freedom from wires. You can roam the world wire free and enjoy music through Bluetooth. You have to recharge regularly the wireless headphones and swap batteries regularly. These headphones can also cause interference in other wireless phones inside your home.


The headphones have to be durable for a long time. Check the make of the headphones and a feel of it will indicate the quality of the headphones. Most headphones break or crack within a few days after buying. Check for warranty of the product before purchasing.

Noise Cancellation

You have to check this feature if you want to enjoy clarity sound canceling noise from outside. The headphones with this feature are quite expensive and batteries are needed for them. Full-size headphones come with this feature.

Noise isolation

How to choose headphones

This feature seals the sound in and blocks outside noise. The headphones with this feature are comparatively less expensive to noise canceling headphones. They do not need batteries and are found in some decent models. Other features to check in headphone include comfort and sound.

There are also some helpful tips for choosing your headphone as follows:

Seek the aid of online reviews

Online reviews are very useful in choosing headphone. Check the online websites like Amazon and read the user reviews and comments about the device. This will give you a fair idea about the headphone before buying it. Professional reviews from CNET are highly reliable and informative.

Buy from a local store

This practice is reducing considerably as most people have started buying products online. The ideal method is to check the headphone sets online and go to a local audio store and purchase it. Review and finalize the headphone set online after analysis and find a retail outlet of the company. Go there, get a feel of the headphone, try it and check for quality before buying it. If you prefer to buy online, choose an authorized store with a good return policy.

How to choose headphones

We have provided a list of headphone types, features of headphones and effective tips on buying headphone. You can check all the aspects before buying a headphone. Choose various brands of headphone and make a comparison on various features and key points discussed above. Online websites like Amazon are a good source of making a comparison of various headphones.

These sites will help you in choosing the perfect headphone suiting your needs and requirements. There are websites that guide you in a step by step manner in selecting an appropriate headphone by asking certain questions. Hope this guide made you clear in selecting your headphone in a quick manner.

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