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How to choose a smartphone

The smartphone has now become a necessity. Some people have more than one smartphone for their daily use. The smartphones are used for a variety of purposes such as taking photos, browsing, games, social networking, email, phone calls, etc.

If you are planning to buy a smartphone, read this guide to understand the intricacies while buying a smartphone. The main aspects to note, while buying a smartphone include the OS, carriers, and screen size, etc. We will guide you with the essential information required to buy a smartphone.


If you are in a dilemma in choosing your right smartphone, here are a few tips that will help you find the right smartphone for your needs and purpose.

Decide on the right size

How to choose a smartphone

People prefer phablets in the form of 5 inches or larger size smartphones. IPhones with a 4-inch screen is the most selling smartphones across the world. If you like a compact phone, then choose a smaller display. If you want something big in your hands, then choose the windows or android phones. Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max are some of the significant size smartphones to play games and watch videos.

Have the right OS

How to choose a smartphone

There are Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS phones. Android OS allows you to run two apps at once on the screen. The Google play store allows you to access more than one million apps and games.

IOS allows multitasking and offers the most intuitive platform for smartphone users. The games and apps in iOS are of high quality, and iTunes is a value addition. Windows OS has the advantage of Xbox games and office integration. You have to choose the smartphone OS, according to your requirement.

Check the specifications

You have to be aware of the necessary hardware specifications in your smartphone. Some of the main hardware specifications include:


Most of the smartphones are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. Do not compromise less then this CPU configuration. This processor offers good performance and multitasking capabilities. This CPU streams videos faster and allows the high-speed gaming experience. IPhone CPU’s are the best offering double the performance of the other smartphones.

Screen Display

Choose the smartphones with a minimum of 1920 * 1080 pixel resolutions. These smartphones deliver high-quality images and excellent viewing angles. Go for AMOLED panels to get rich colors in your smartphone.


Choose a smartphone with a 3GB or 2 GB RAM at the least. This will make memory faster and allow you to load applications in a quick manner. Higher RAM memory is better for switching quickly between the two applications.


Smartphones have excellent megapixel clarity. You can choose a camera with more than 8 MP. There are high-end smartphones with a camera resolution of more than 20 MP. Check for other image features like optical image stabilization, eraser mode, etc. Check the front camera quality to enjoy clear video calling. If you plan to use your smartphone to take a lot of photos, then check the pixel clarity and camera resolutions.


32 GB is the average storage of a smartphone. Do not compromise less than this storage. Always check for expandable storage space with a MicroSD card slot.

Battery life

It is advised to choose a smartphone with a good battery life of at least 6 to 8 hours. The problem with most of the smartphones is low battery life requiring a charge quite often. This will be a nuisance and hence choose a smartphone with a good battery life. LG smartphones give the maximum battery life of around 14 hours. If you are particular about the battery life, then choose the smartphone with the best battery life. Most smartphones come with a power saving mode. Check for such smartphones with such power saving feature to extend your battery life further.

Choosing a carrier

How to choose a smartphone

A smartphone requires a good coverage carrier. Choose a carrier with a broad coverage and superior 4G services. Check the tariff of the various carriers online and choose the best package for your smartphone. Be specific to the data and call prices of the carriers.

Smartphones are used extensively on the Internet and browsing and hence be particular about the data plans of the carriers. Selecting a carrier is one of the important and complex parts in the process of choosing a smartphone. Hence take extreme care in finalizing your carrier.

When you choose a smartphone, check for the various features as indicated above. We have provided the essential elements and aspects to be tested in a smartphone. This guide will help you to choose wisely and get the appropriate smartphone according to your needs. Hope this guide helps you in finding the best smartphone according to your specifications. See smartphone reviews here.

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