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How to Choose A Laptop

Laptops always have the edge over tablets and smartphones when it comes to working on a research paper, playing computer games or watching a video.

Every individual has different requirement and need of  laptops. While buying a laptop, certain factors such as price, size, features usually have to be considered. If you are confused by choosing a laptop, this article is going to give you some advice.

How to choose a laptop

Before making a purchase, you must determine your purpose of buying the laptop. Choose the appropriate laptop type according to your need.

Cheap laptop

Price is a major factor to be considered while buying a laptop. It is wise to purchase the laptop within the fixed budget. Most of them shifting from a Desktop PC will prefer cheap laptops. You have to compromise on the design when choosing a budget laptop and it will look bulky.

Multi-user laptop

You can choose this laptop if members of the entire family are going to use the laptop. These laptops can be used for multiple purposes. Portability is a unique feature of this laptop in carrying the laptop around the rooms in the home.
How to choose a laptop

Multimedia laptop

You can choose this laptop for advanced computing, photo editing, animation creation and watching movies. These laptops are known for its power saving and feature rich nature. These laptops have a large screen and are powerful. You can use this laptop for complete entertainment.

Ultra portable laptop

You can opt for this laptop for the sake of portability. These laptops are light, thin and super slim and are used as additional laptops on the go.

As a buyer, you can use the following tips before buying a laptop. These tips are useful to choose your laptop.

Choose your Display size

Size matters while buying your laptop. You can select a laptop with a screen size of 11 to 18 inches depending on your usage.

Choose a hybrid or traditional laptop

Hybrid laptops are getting popular with touch screens that can be used as tablets with 360-degree rotation and removal. The hybrid laptops are expensive though compared to traditional laptops. You have to choose your laptop accordingly.

Put a budget

Laptops are available from $150 to over $1,000. You have to determine your budget and select the laptop accordingly.

Choose the right platform

Choose an operating system platform before buying your laptop. Currently Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS are the popular platforms. You can prefer Chrome OS laptops for its inexpensive nature, Windows OS for its affordable quality and Mac OS for its ease of use but Mac OS is quite expensive.

Make no compromise with Battery life

When you are buying a laptop, battery life is one of the main aspects to be noted. It is always better to choose a laptop with more than 6 hours battery backup. Your laptop battery life depends on the usage. Watching a video consumes more battery life than browsing and battery life depends on the brightness of the screen.

Have a complete knowledge about the specifications

RAM, hard drive, CPU, graphics card and other hardware specifications must be known clearly before you buy a laptop. Some of the main components include

  • CPU – Depending on your usage, choose the processors. The processor speed has a direct impact on the price of the laptop. AMD, Intel Atom, and Intel Pentium processors are slow on performance and cheap. Intel Core processors are fast and expensive.
  • RAM – 4 GB RAM has become the minimum requirement. If you want a gaming laptop, then choose a 16 GB RAM.
  • Hard Drive – Select a 320 GB Hard drive with 7200 rpm for average use. There are 500 GB and 750 GB hard drives available with less price difference.
  • Display – You can select the highest resolution possible with 1920 * 1080 pixels being the standard. The display is essential to watch high-quality movies, multitasking, etc.
  • Graphics card – Graphics card is necessary for watching the video, browsing, gaming, etc. You can select NVIDIA or AMD graphics card after carefully checking their feedback to get high performance on games.

Be Brand Conscious

You have to be brand specific. If you love the quality, go for Apple and Lenovo laptops but they are expensive. Check other brands and buy a laptop from a reliable brand.

How to choose a laptop

Check the Touchpad and Keyboard

Check the keys of the keyboard and smoothness of touchpad. The mouse buttons must be satisfying. You can work on the laptop for a while to check on these devices.

When buying a laptop, check for online websites to make a comparison of the laptops. Online websites like Amazon offer a detailed description and comparison options based on price, features, etc. Hope we helped you select a laptop of your choice by giving tips and information on various laptop types. See laptop reviews here.

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