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How To Avoid Sunburn

Summer is best time of the year for many people. Spending time under the Sun makes everyone happy. Your stress is reduced as you sweat. People with pale skin also love to get a good tan in summer. They spend hours under the Sun, and that is one of the worst things that they do for their skin. Most often they end up having a bad case of Sun burn. This condition not only looks bad but also very painful. It takes at least 3 days to get rid of the uneasy feeling and sometimes they need to rush to the emergency room as the condition deteriorates. If you love Sun tanning and experience this situation a lot then here are some tips for you, follow them for a Sunburn free summer. Also feel free to check out our recommendation on Best Sunscreen.

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Do not sit in the same place when you are at the beach

Most people go to the beach in summer to get a Sun tan. If you sit in the same place for long hours then you will more likely to get a Sun burn, so to avoid the situation run around, play sports wearing hats and Sunglasses. You will not only be able to avoid Sunburn but also burn lots of calories by this process.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Go to your doctor for advice

Everyone knows that she needs to apply a Sunscreen lotion all over the body. Sunscreen does work in protecting your skin from the Sun, but for that you have to use a product that is suited for your skin type. Most people do not know their skin type and buy a generic product. This is why they get Sun burn even after using a Sunscreen, so go to a doctor and ask him or her to recommend you a Sunscreen you need to avoid Sunburn.

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Do not go outside at the middle of the day

If you must get a tan then try doing it in the early hours of the morning. Sun shines the brightest at mid afternoon, avoid going outside then. Remember it not just to avoid Sun burn but also for your good health. UV rays are the number one reason behind Skin cancer and this is why Australia where Sun shines bright has the highest number skin cancer patients. Skin cancer can be fatal, so be careful and do not lie down outside at the middle of the day.

Sunglass, hat, and full sleeve dress

If you have to spend some times outside in the middle of a hot summer day then wear a hat, a Sunglass and a full sleeve dress. If your skin is covered then you will not get any painful Sunburn. It may feel weird to wear a full sleeve dress in summer but if you wear skimpy clothes then more of your bare skin will be exposed to the UV ray.

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 Vitamin D

It is a proven fact that Vitamin D helps human skin in tolerating UV rays better. Now you all know that you can only get Vitamin D by spending 10 minutes of day under the Sun. So here is the rule, first start spending small amount of time under the Sun, increase the level of Vitamin D in your body and then gradually increase the time outside under Sun, you will not have any Sunburn. It is a simple rule that practice makes things perfect.

If you live in a place like England then you are most likely to get Sunburn often as it is very rare that your skin is exposed to Sun ray.

Eat foods with Omega 3

Omega 3 is one thing that protects your body against many harmful things. If you eat fish everyday then you will get sufficient Omega 3 needed for your body. This will make your skin stronger from the inside, so your skin will be affected by neither Sunrays nor snow.

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Make Tea your number one hot beverage this summer

Try drinking tea instead of black coffee this summer. Scientists are yet to find the right reason behind this, but study shows that people who drank green tea regularly in summer did not have Sunburn at all, even though they went to the beach almost regularly. Green tea is not bad and relaxes you, so there is no harm in trying this method.

Have saturated fat

Now this is a controversial method, and many scientists do not agree with it at all. But study has shown that eating saturated foods increases the Sun tolerance level of your skin. So try taking little bit of vegetable as your salad dressing in Summer time.

Follow these steps to avoid getting red skin. Another important thing is before you go to the beach make sure that you drink a lot of water otherwise you will have dehydration.

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