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How to Apply Sunscreen

Going out in the Sun without applying Sunscreen lotion is not a good habit at all. When you are young you may not face many side effects  but your skin will lose the natural elasticity at an early age because of this habit. You will also have to face more wrinkles and lines on your face as you grow older. Some women say they do not need to use Sunscreen lotion because they spend only a couple of minutes under the Sun, but nothing can be more wrong as even a few minutes under the Sun is equally as harmful as spending the entire day under the Sun.  Even in rainy days you need to apply Sunscreen lotion. Find out more useful information in ourbeauty products reviews.

How to Apply Sunscreen

Most of the skin problems emerge because even today people do not attach importance to the investment in a good Sunscreen lotion. If you want a problem-free skin forever then you have to be careful about your Sunscreen. First, you need to choose a Sunscreen that is perfect for your skin type, and then make sure that you buy the lotion from a well known brand. But wait, these are not enough, you also need to know how to apply the Sunscreen in the right way. Otherwise, it will not be as effective as you wish. So here are the right ways to apply Sunscreen lotion on your body.

Choose the one you need

Yes that is the most important, you need to apply the Sunscreen which perfectly suits your skin type. If you for example have normal skin and you use a product that is meant for oily skin then your skin will be dry after applying the lotion. So don’t be lazy, check the label carefully to know that this product is made for your skin type.

How to Apply Sunscreen

If you are a new user, do a test first

Sometimes the ingredients in a Sunscreen lotion can give you allergic reactions, so if you are using the product for the first time then take an allergic test first before you use them all over your body. It is really easy to do the allergic test, apply little amount of product on the back of your hand and wait for 24 hours. If you do not get a reaction after 24 hours then you can be sure that you are not allergic to the product and can safely go ahead and use that.

Use it after moisturizer

Lot of women when go out in the day use only the Sunscreen lotion, and that is really wrong, Sunscreen is there to protect your skin from UV rays and not to replace your daily routine. So go ahead with your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine as usual and then apply the Sunscreen as it said on the bottle. If you just use the Sunscreen lotion then your skin will get dry and it will ultimately make your skin appear harsh, even if it does not get dark because of the Sunscreen lotion.

How to Apply Sunscreen

You can use Sunscreen on sensitive skin

Yes, you absolutely can,  just need to find the right Sunscreen lotion that is suited for the sensitive skin and you will see at the bottle of some products it is mentioned that you can directly apply them on your rashes area. So go ahead you can use them, no worries these products are made in a way that they will not cause any side effects to your skin. But again you have to be careful about using the products that are meant for sensitive skin.

Apply all over your body and not just face

Most people wear bikini or shorts when they go to the beach, that means a lot of areas in their body are bare under the Sun, so why apply the Sunscreen lotion only on your face? Not just the beach always apply the Sunscreen in all over the areas that will not be covered by the cloth when you are going out in the Sun. If you do not do that then you will have a clean face but a very dark body and that will look really bad.

How to Apply SunscreenBe generous

If you are applying a Sunscreen then make sure that you use a generous amount of it, do not hesitate to use more, you do not need to use one tube for the entire year. Sunscreens are not that costly product at all. So use them all over your body and be always generous, make sure that the body is covered in all areas.

Along with these points make sure you check the expiry date of the product before applying it on your body, as always be safe and use it the right way.

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