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How to Apply Eyeshadow

To many women eyeshadow application could be a daunting task but you do not need to be a beauty expert for that. With little practice you can wear eyeshadow the perfect way and become beauty envy of your friends. Here is the step by step method following which you can wear eyeshadow the perfect way and look beautiful.
How to Apply Eyeshadow

Starting out

Choose your eyeshadow– Shadows come in almost every color and are found in compact powder, loose powder and cream from. Among these 3 textures, compact powder is the best option especially for the beginner. You do not require multiple colors of eyeshadow, but keep three shades in the same color palette, dark, medium and light.

Select the brush– You can apply eyeshadow with your fingertips, but it is suggested to use brush for attractive looking eyeshadow application. Use a stiff flat brush instead of sponge.

Apply normal makeup– First apply normal makeup such as concealer, foundation, bronzer, brow liner before you start with eyeshadow. Apply a shadow primer which will help eye shadow to stay longer. Also apply mascara before the eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow (1)

Apply fanned eyeshadow

To apply the lightest color use a stiff flat brush and apply the shadow on the inner corners of eyes. Sweep it up and down and apply a light sweep just below the eyebrows as well. Now take the medium shade that is one step darker than the lightest shade, pat this shade over the entire lid such as from lash line to crease using the brush.

Then use a dome brush with the darkest eyeshadow to curve your eye lid. Start from the outside corner of eyes and take the brush in a half moon motion up and near the center of crease. You have to keep the shadow darkest along the lash line and light it as you move up. Draw it towards the end of the eyebrow to look beautiful.

Clean the dome brush with soap and water or brush cleaner and dry it using a towel. Now blend the shadow along the edges using the clean brush so that it blends perfectly with your skin.

Apply eyeshadow in rounded style

Use the stiff flat brush and apply the middle color eyeshadow to the eyelid by focusing on the center. You need to use only the dark and middle shades for this look. Use a dome brush and apply the dark shade to the outer and inner 1/3 of your eyelid. It will have a “dark-middle-dark” application across the eyelid. Do not get the dark shade of the eyeshadow too far inside the corners, because it may create the illusion of purple circles under eyes.

To create a more dramatic look you can drag the outer edge of dark shadow little upwards to the end of the brow.

Now clean the dome brush with water or brush cleaner and dry it completely. Use it in a soft motion in order to blend the two colors on your eyelid. Blend the outer edge as well.

How to Apply Eyeshadow (2)

Apply eyeshadow in banana style

Take the stiff flat brush and create base color using the medium color shade over the entirety of eyelid. If you want you can add a small smudge of the highlighter shade below your brow or to the inner corner, it will bright up your face a bit. Then use the darkest color and pencil brush to darken the bluehost crease. Back and forth across the crease sweep the dark color, you can create a regular banana with the eyeshadow on the crease or you can also choose to create a close-crease banana with the eyeshadow running down to meet the eye lash line. Clean the pencil brush now and slightly blur the outer edges.

Create a smoke eye with eye shadow

Take a firm flat brush and apply the lightest color shade on the inside corner of eyes and also under the eyebrows. It will highlight the face areas those make the eyes look brighter and larger. Then apply medium color shade to the entire lid using a stiff flat brush. Start applying from the base of the lash line and go a little above the crease. Do not brush it up in order to meet the highlighter.

Now you have to start creating smoking look and for that take domed brush and apply the darkest shade along the upper lash line. Spread the color across the lid and then use a pencil brush to draw a darker line of color along the lash line. Using that pencil brush add a bit of the darkest shade of eye shadow to the bottom lash line. Make the color lighter towards the inner tear duct.

The last step is blending the shadow. For that use the dome brush after cleaning it and blend the shadows together. Fade the darkest shadow in the middle part but do not touch near the lash line.

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