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Hotel Safety Tips

Maybe you’re looking to get away, or have some home inconvenience that permits you to stay at a hotel. Whether you are looking to go for a vacation, or just to vacate the premises, you should keep safe when staying at a hotel. Here are several tips to help you stay safe for a relaxing time.

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Stay with your luggage

First of all,upon arriving to your hotel, stay with your luggage.Thieves are on the lookout for unattended luggage. Another thing you may want to do is ask for a room that is not on the ground floor. You want a room that won’t be too easy to break in. It’s hard to go unnoticed climbing in through a third story bathroom window.

Keep your room number confidential

If your room is accidentally announced, ask for another room. Someone could be listening and you don’t want any unsuspected visitors in the middle of the night.

Ensure the safety of  your credit card

Don’t set your credit card down on the check-in counter where it can be easily seen. And when you are handed back the card, make sure it’s the right card and not bogus card.

Be aware of possible danger

Now that you are in your room, you may believe that you are safe. Not entirely. You should still take precautions and be aware of possible danger. Upon arriving to your room, check the nooks and crannies like the closet, shower and even behind the curtains before you shut the door or allow the valet to leave. But beware of the valet as well, as silly as that sounds, if you are staying alone you want to keep it that way.

Check the lock 

It’s safer and better if your door has a deadbolt. Keep it locked whenever you are in the room. Use a wedge under the door as well. Crooks are not always caught and don’t always have a record, so they could be hired by hotels where they will have access to room keys. You want that extra protection when you are sleeping or showering; anytime you are not on your guard for when an intruder comes.

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Travel with light product

Travel with a flashlight or some kind of light product powered by batteries (and all ready to use). Again, this may sound silly, but if there is an alarm or the electricity is out, you’ll need it to navigate yourself out of an unfamiliar film Aardvark

Leave valuable items in room safe or hotel safe

When you leave your hotel room, not check-out, but just leave to go places, it is suggested to leave valuable items such as electronics, laptops or jewelry that you won’t be taking with you in the room safe. Combination safes that allow you to select your own combination are safe than those that need a key.

If you still feel unsafe about leaving your items in the room safe, see if you can leave it in the hotel safe, but make sure to get a receipt for it and ask about the coverage for loss. Most hotels don’t accept liability in room safes, but they will for those locked in the hotel safe.

Beware of your surroundings

When returning back to your hotel room, beware of your surroundings and have your card or key ready. This way, you’re not distracted, fumbling through your purse or pockets. If you notice anything suspicious, get to a public area. Don’t attempt running into your room if someone is, or you think someone is, following you. You don’t want to chance having that person rush into the room with you.

If you lose your room key or card, report it immediately and ask to move to another room. You’re not sure whether you lost it or if it was stolen, and you don’t know what the “finder” might do.

Don’t just open your door to anyone.

Just like your door at home, hotel doors have peepholes in them. Don’t just open your door to anyone. Look through the peephole first, and if the person is unrecognizable, don’t let them in, no matter who they say they are. Notify the hotel if this is the case, and if things gets bad, call the police.

If possible, enter through the main entrance and park in a well-lit and occupied lot.

Hotel Safety Tips

Keep your children with you

If you’re travelling with your family, as always, keep your children with you. Children should not be allowed to attend any hotel accessories, such as the lobby and the pool, alone.

Smoke alarm

Lastly, make sure your hotel room has a smoke alarm and if possible, a fire sprinkler system. Review the escape plan posted in your room, and if there isn’t one, notify the hotel staff. Learn where all the exits are. If the alarm sounds, leave right away and take the stairs, not the elevator.

So whether it is for business, pleasure, or something else, keep safe when you staying at a hotel. Follow these tips and you’ll have a stress-free and worry-free stay.

Written by Shiryee Ma

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