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Google Nexus 9 VS IPad Air 2, what is new?  


Reliance on desktops is declining at a faster rate now. Modern era is going behind the high end smart phones, tabs, notebooks, and smart TVs, as of today. These devices are truly sensational and of the productive kind too. It is the gadgets world today. The Era of electronic hand held gadgets is being dominated by a few gigantic top players in the industry. Needless to introduce these top brands in the market as they are well known to one and all of us. Having said that, it is quite understandable about the earnest curiosity amidst millions of fans out there, to know more and more about the latest news and updates related to the Google Nexus 9 or IPad Air 2. Let us see some of the intricate facts with a closer eye for details here.

Google Nexus 9 VS IPad Air 2, what is new?


HTC on tandem with Google has come up with some outstanding design this time to have launched this Google Nexus 9 which is found to be a great tablet which can be compared on par to the best in the industry so far. In fact, as of today, Google Nexus 9 remains as a tablet to be beaten yet, when you count on price, and functionality as a whole. I pad on the other hand has sensational best productivity tools as it used to have in all of its conventional models. If you are willing to get more storage facilities, the iPad can be a reliable option by all means as such. Android operating system if preferred over the I OS then you can be able to save some fast bucks for real. Google Nexus 9 is in the bottom of the table in the price list. 16GB WI-Fi only model of Google Nexus 9 costs you only about 320 Euros, far behind the IPad in pricing.

Google Nexus 9 VS IPad Air 2, what is new?


It is possible to add on the cellular connectivity to your Google Nexus 9 instrument, the costs will be around 460 Euros in that case along with VAT. There is another 32 GB version of the same kind which is sold at 500 bucks. Productivity apps that are optimised for the tablets are not of any big meritorious standards as of today. Counting on the smart phones you can say that the android operating system may be on part to the other best operating systems such as the I OS too. When it comes to tabs, there are limitations for the android OS, all until now. But, still you can install the MS office for free. These are ideal for commute entertainment. ITunes music files will work in the android system. You get the advantage of shopping around for the books, movies, TV shows, music and so on, when you use the android.

Google Nexus 9 VS IPad Air 2, what is new?


$465  is the show room price for IPad Air 2.

$ 349 for Google Nexus 9

Goggle nexus is cheaper than that in all the countries, across the globe. Price varies from one place to the other based upon the local taxation levies, regulations, and so on. You can place the orders in the official site of the original equipment manufacturer to get the original products delivered to your door steps. Whole lot of payment facilities are available to match up with the expectations from the buyers all over the world.


IPad and Google Nexus 9, both are of premium operational standards, when you count on the performance. Efficiency is more than 80% in case of Google Nexus 9. Needless to say about the I pad as it is one of the best efficient tabs that is unbeatable at any given day.

Pros and Cons

  • Google Nexus 9 is comparatively of lesser price
  • It can be reliable for the media consumption
  • Android set up is outstanding
  • On the contrary counting on the IPad, the product is one of the tables when it comes to pricing. There are splendid storage options in the instrument. There is a range of productivity tools in the case of IPad compared to any of the peer models.


With so many credentials associated with the Google Nexus 9, the instrument do have an edge over the peer models in the market, and especially beats the menace of any competition from IPad Air 2, pretty easily. Having said that, it is not right to side-line or overlook the attractive best features of the later as well. This time, the OEM, the original equipment manufacturers of the IPad Air 2, have shown their real mettle in coming up with something with what they can send in a strong message to the worldwide audience. Yes, it is truly a sensational instrument that is to be given its due honours. At the same time Google Nexus 9 is something unbeatable in its far improvised standards, features and reliability as an equipment as a whole for the end user.

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