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How to Connect Laptop to TV

Are you bored of watching movies and videos on the small screen of the laptop? Then it is time to enjoy the videos in your laptop on the big screen of your TV. It is quite easy with the necessary cables and hardware. There are a lot of effective techniques and methods of watching the videos in the laptop on the big television screen.

Some of the methods include port based connection, cable-based connection, internet connection, wireless connection, USB interface, etc. Let’s discuss these various methods of connecting a laptop and television from old to modern times in detail. See laptop reviews here.

Connect through S-Video Port

Both TV and Laptop will have the S-Video port options for external display. Use a cable to connect the S-Video ports of the laptop and television. The video on the laptop gets displayed on the TV screen through this. However, the audio continues to play on the laptop. If the audio system of the laptop is of high quality, then it is better to watch videos in this manner. If you wish both video and audio from the television, then a separate cable has to be used to connect the audio ports of the laptop and the television.

While connecting the S-Video port, make the changes in the appearance menu of the control panel on the laptop. Select the external display option from the display menu and ensure the video on the laptop gets duplicated or reflected in the television.

Connect through VGA Port

How to Connect Laptop to TV

It is a perfect alternative to S-Video but is a very expensive method. This method works best in case of old television and laptops. It requires the purchase of a VGA to TV converter. These converters are quite expensive. These converters will convert the video from the laptop to be displayed on the television screen.

Connect through DVI Port

The laptop has the DVI port. Use the appropriate cables and adapters to connect to the HDTV port of the television. DVI Port supports only video interface and will need external speakers to play the audio. Audio cables can be used to connect the laptop speakers to the TV speakers. The sound quality is not good in this connection. Hence, use external speakers for better sound quality.

Connect through Cables

Using cables is a popular technique to view laptop content on a TV screen. In the case of modern laptops and TV, an HDMI cable can connect the laptop, and TV HDMI ports enable a connection between the two. If the laptop and TV are old, then use a VGA cable to establish a connection. Two 3.5 mm cables are required to sync audio and video. Use adapters in case of no video outputs in laptops. It is the most inexpensive method of connecting the laptop to the TV and watching the videos.

Connect through USB


All of the modern televisions come with a USB port provision. Use this provision to insert a USB pen drive or memory stick or external hard disk to watch the videos. Copy the video content from the laptop to the USB pen drive and watch the videos on the TV screen by inserting the pen drive in the USB port of the TV. It is the easiest method of watching the laptop videos on the TV screen.

Connect through the Internet

Every household has an internet connection. Make your TV a smart TV by getting internet on the TV. It enables to connect laptop and TV through internet services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky go, etc. Using these applications, one can watch the videos in a laptop on TV screen.

Connect in a Wireless manner

The latest laptops come with inbuilt WiDi, a wireless option to connect to TV using a compatible receiver at the TV end. Netgear has receivers like push2TV that can be used. Apple TV can enable video streams from iPad and iPhone. Wireless devices can be purchased and connected to TV to connect the laptop to the TV in a wireless manner. Wireless connections have a poor video quality with disturbances. Dedicated media streamers like Chrome case of Google, Digital WDTV, Apple TV can be used for superior quality. It is an expensive method of connecting a TV and laptop as it requires the purchase of hardware.

Connect Through Media Streamers

How to Connect Laptop to TV

There is always the sync problem of audio and video when laptop videos are played on the TV. WD TV lives media streamer solves this issue and enables watching high-quality videos. This media streamer can be plugged in the TV HDMI port and connected to the home Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This media streamer enables to play laptop video files of MP4, AVI, MOV, VOB, MKV and XVID formats. This device will make your TV a smart TV giving access to a wide range of applications.

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