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Differences between free & paid video editing software

Differences between free & paid video editing softwareWhether you are a professional videographer or just an enthusiast, you need to edit the videos before showing them to others. In earlier times, video editing was messy with cutting and pasting the reel, and there was nothing much that could be done using that technique.

When it comes to software, there are always two options available: free and paid. These options are also available in video editing software. If you need to edit a video rarely, then of course you should use free software. But for professionals or other regular users, paid software is better. So let’s take a look at some of the differences between the free and paid, to help you decide.

Things to be considered


First thing to be considered is what you need. Firstly, you can check the best practices when using video editing software.  However, for an occasional enthusiast videographer, the requirements should not be too much. Some basic options and effects will do. So you should choose a light software that does not take much of your computer’s processing power. For a professional, however, more is better. Even if you do not need something today, you might need it in the future. But consider that the software would be running throughout the day. Your computer should be configured to handle it.

Processing time

If you are going to use the software frequently than it should be fast in loading and editing. You cannot afford to spend too much time on waiting for a task to complete after you have given the instructions. Also, a lot of time will be saved if the software has short cuts for the commonly used processes.

Free or paid

Differences between free & paid video editing softwareThere would be no person, among the readers of this article, who has never used any free software or any paid software. There are many differences between the two and to commence with, free software is not really honest looking. Ads are displayed in the user interface, which is a bit irritating. Also, there are not many options available.

When talking about free video editing software, there will be fewer effects and the worst thing is the limitations. Sometimes, there is a limit to a maximum size of editable videos. Other times, there is a limitation to the number of effects per video or number of videos that can be edited in a month, and other similar things. These things annoy you, but if you  remain patient and try a few software’s, you will be able to find a nice one.

However, sometimes this gets frustrating when, after downloading and installing software, you find out that it is useless as it is a fact that out of every ten software’s you search only about one is useful. Another alternative is finding reviews of free softwares and figuring out the ones which are good. Still, even the good one won’t be that good.

The best video editing software would undoubtedly be paid. So let’s talk about paid software. Paid software are very sophisticated and elegant. There are no ads or any other useless stuff and there are a lot of functionalities and many different options. In the case of video editing, there will be much more effects and no limitations.

The best part is the support as the company that sells you the software provides you with unlimited support. You can contact them at any time and ask anything. But there is a downside too, although temporary. In the case of free software, you can download and try a few, but with paid software you are stuck. You have to make your mind and only then spend your money. If you make a wrong decision, then it’s just your bad luck. However, most of the good companies provide a free trial version of their software to help people decide.

Whether you want to use free or paid software, there could be nothing better than finding the right software in the first attempt. So it would be better if you start your search for the most popular software like Corel Video Studio Pro X7, CyberLink Power Director 13 Ultra, etc.

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