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Best Water Proof Sunscreen

Everyone who has to go out in day time should always use sunscreen lotion as Sun rays is one of the reasons that skin gets affected by lines and wrinkles, so all women from their early 20s should be careful about this routine that is never to leave home without applying Sunblock cream in the day time. Even if you are going out for couple of minutes you should use Sunscreen lotion. Always try to find a lotion with higher than 30 SPF, it is a must requirement. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

You must have noticed that your friends can tell you that you went to the beach this week just by looking at your dark skin. This does not happen if you apply sunscreen before going out to the beach. Some people say that too much sweating washes out their sunscreen, well there is an easy solution for that problem, you need to find a waterproof Sunscreen lotion and no matter how much you sweat the cream will not wash out. Water proof Sunscreen lotion is also a must for men and women who love to surf, or swim for long hours.

Even teen girls who are in college swimming team should apply water proof Sunscreen to avoid further damage to their skin. But not all the Sunscreen available on the market are good, here are the review of top 5 Sunscreen lotions available on the market, you can be sure that these 5 products actually work.

Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

Someone who sweats the moment he or she steps under the Sunlight this product can be a life saver to his or her. This is non greasy, helps you sweat less under hot sun and will not burn your eyes even if it accidentally goes to your eyes. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion makes your skin appear fresh and grease free. Even if you spend hours on the beach your skin will not look dark if you apply this cream, the effect lasts for long hours. There is absolutely no side effect of this lotion, it is cheap and has 30 SPF. One 8 ounce bottle costs only $6.44.

Coppertone Babies Sunscreen Lotion

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

This product has SPF 50, so you can be assured that your skin will never get dark because of long hours under the Sun after you apply this lotion. Coppertone Water Sunscreen Lotion also smells great and non greasy. If you have a problem of too much sweating then you need to use this product as it is completely water proof. This is also a great sunscreen for your children, but do not be confused by the name, this product is not just for the children. It also works really well for the adults. Your children will not face any problem if by accident the cream goes to their eyes, it does not burn. One 8 oz bottle costs $10.89.

Avene Sun High Protection Sun Cream

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

This is the best cream for those who have sensitive skin and the skin gets rashes after spending some time under the Sun. You can use the cream over your rashes and it will not cause any kind of side effects. It is water proof and perfect for the surfer girls and the dudes. The effects of Avene Sun High Protection Sun Creamlasts for a long time and you will never have to face uneven skin tone problem because of the UV ray again. This lotion is a favorite of dermatologists, so you can guess by that, it is a safe product to use on your face. One 50 Ml bottle costs $34.98.

Skinceuticals Sport Uv Defense

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

Skinceuticals Sport Uv Defense has 80 minutes of water resistant and that is proven scientifically. This product is a must have for all the swimmers; you will not have to get dark because of swimming long hours. It gives your skin complete protection against the UV ray, the SPF content is 50, and it’s a really amazing product. You can also use this product if you have a sensitive skin. One 3fl oz costs $28.41. The price is bit high but this product is very safe and formulated without any harmful chemicals.

Kiehl’s Activated Sun Lotion for Face

Best Water Proof Sunscreen

Going out in the Sun will not be a problem anymore if you have Kiehl’s Activated Sun Lotion as after applying it daily you will notice that your face is not getting dark even if you are spending long hours under the Sun. this cream gives your face a fresh look and is absolutely grease free. It is water proof and if you are someone who sweats a lot in summer then you need to start using this product immediately. This product has SPF 50.

So here are the reviews of water proof Sunscreen lotions which actually work.

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