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Best Teeth and Mouth Care Tips

It is very important that one takes care of his/her teeth and mouth. Going to the bed without brushing the teeth is one of the most disgusting habits one can have. You need to make sure that you brush regularly and wash the inside of your mouth very well after every meal.  Drinking too much carbonated drinks are one of the worst things for your teeth. You will get stain marks and your breath will smell bad. If you take care of your teeth well then you will suffer from gum bleeding and teeth aches much less. So here is couple of easy tips for healthy teeth and mouth.

Best Teeth and Mouth Care Tips (1)

Do not go to bed without brushing your teeth

This one advice from your mother is golden and you need to follow it throughout your life. If you do to bed without brushing your teeth then the germ from the foods stays in your mouth for more than 12 hours. It will cause cavity on your teeth and your breath will smell really bad in the morning. Everyone knows that they should not eat breakfast without brushing their teeth. But there are very few people in the world who actually know the importance of brushing the teeth after dinner. Just mouthwash is not enough, you have to brush the teeth.

Do not over brush either

There are some people who think about their oral health too much and brush their teeth more than twice a day. This habit can actually be harmful for you, as over brushing will get rid of enamel from your teeth. So brush only twice a day after waking up and before going to the bed. Rest of the day you can use a mild mouthwash one or two times to get rid of the smell of food from your mouth.

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Electric toothbrushes are the best

There are some people who still think that electric toothbrushes are waste of money. They think they are the same as ordinary toothbrushes. But that is not true at all, you can ask any dentist and they will say that for better teeth protection electric toothbrushes are the way to go. If you live a vegan lifestyle then maybe you do not need to brush your teeth hard and simple brushing is enough.

People who eat a lot of meat have pieces stuck to their teeth very often, this is really bad for oral health, and only electric toothbrushes with more than 30000 strokes per minute can effectively get rid of those from your teeth. You do not even need to floss afterwards. Electric toothbrush can effectively get rid of smell of onions from your mouth. To be honest toothpaste does not really matter, it is the brush that makes all the difference.

But do not keep brushing to get a better result. One or two minute is enough for one time brushing.

Teeth whitening once in a while are not bad

Since no one can live without drinking tea or coffee, your teeth will get stain marks from them very often. Yellow teeth make you look unhygienic in front of other people. But many people feel that since some kind of chemicals are used for teeth whitening it is not good for them. Well, that is true but there are chemical free teeth whitening product available in market these days and they do not cause any kind of harmful effect. So get one of those and use it once a week. White teeth make your smile better which helps your overall personality.

Best Teeth and Mouth Care Tips (2)

Have food with less sugar

One of the main reasons you get teeth pain is because of the sugar you take with your food. Sugar from fruit does not cause any harm, but the candies, and the carbonated drinks are the number one enemy for mouth care. It creates bad bacteria inside your mouth and your breath smells really bad. Someone who suffers from frequent teeth pains can do this simple test, they need to give up all kind of junk foods for a month and they will see the difference. They will not get as much cavity as they used to, so there will be much less pain.

Dental checkup once in every six months is must

Most people visit dentist’s office only when they have unbearable pain. But if you go for a regular checkup every six months then you will not have so much pain, since that happens only because you do not take care of the cavities right away and it causes infection. Lots of insurance covers dental checkups, so use it and take your entire family to the doctor regularly. If the doctor finds something bad they can take care of that immediately, remember mouth cancer can be fatal, so be careful.

Oral hygiene is no less important than physical health, so do not neglect it.

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