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Best Tablet for Kid

It is never too early for a kid to start learning about computers, As computers are so widely being used that no matter which career the kids choose they are going to work with computers. By starting early, they will be able to perform better in all fields, whether it is field of their education or profession.

Best Tablet for Kid

The best way to introduce computers to them is a tablet. We are not talking about those toys that look like tablets, but we are talking about real tablets. Many renowned tablet manufacturers have started making individual tablets for kids. So, let’s take a look at the things you should consider while selecting the tablet for kids.

How to Choose

  • Durability – The most important thing is durability. You cannot put a delicate device in the hands of a child because sooner or later it will fall. So, the tablet you buy should be strong and able to handle a few bumps. No tablet can withstand a kid jumping on it, but a few can withstand a 2 feet fall.
  • Ease of use – Obviously, the device should be very easy to use. Even if it is a little complex, the kids will soon lose the interest. And not just the software should be easy to use, but also the hardware. The buttons should be big and the warning signs, like low battery, should be readily visible.
  • Specifications – Bigger tablets with around 10 inch screen size are considered better, but that’s for adults. A kid would not be able to handle it. For them, 7 inches is enough. Also, do not go for a high-resolution screen. For the eyes of small kids, low resolution is better. Other specifications mainly depend on the age of the kid.
  • Software – Most of the child tablets have special operating systems that have inbuilt parental control and some useful applications. They also have child proofed web browsing. However, modified versions of common operating systems, like Android, are also available in the market.
  • The users – Most of the kid tablets are made with only small children in mind. But you might be thinking of using it yourself, or you might have two children of different ages. In that case, you would need a tablet that has good performance and is also easy to use.

To help you further, some of the best options are mentioned below.

Fire HD kids’ edition

Best Tablet for Kid

Fire HD kids’ edition is not just easy to use, but also is very fun to use. Your kid will be very tempted to operate it. And also, it has high-performance features like quad-core processor, front and rear camera, etc. It is very light weight, and the case makes it very durable. Its price is $189. See Fire HD kids’ edition review.

Apple iPad Mini

Best Tablet for Kid

Apple iPad Mini is ideal for those who would also be using the tablet themselves. It doesn’t look childish, but is very comfortable to use. And an Apple device obviously has an excellent performance. It is very light in weight and has all the features that you or your kid needs. The price is $250.

Chromo Tablet

Best Tablet for Kid

Chromo is best suited for the kids of age 11 to 15 years. It is a sophisticated device and has all the necessary features. The price is around $50.

Alldaymall Tablet


Alldaymall has above average hardware but is not made for very small kids. It is easy to use and very cheap. The price is $50.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Best Tablet for Kid

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the device for you and your teenager kid. It is well suited both for office tasks and completing homework.

Orbo Junior


Orbo Junior has a fun look to attract kids. The price is very low, just $60. If you do not know that does your kid even wants a tablet or not, this should be your choice. It has got everything that a tablet has, like camera, Wi-Fi, etc.

Dragon Touch

Best Tablet for Kid

Dragon Touch is a dual-purpose tablet. Your kid can use it with the protective cover, but you can also use without it. However, the hardware is not too powerful to handle high-end tasks that you might need, but for kids it is enough. It also has a very reasonable price of $60.

XO Kids Tablet

Best Tablet for Kid


XO Kids Tablet is the kind of tablet that you buy for yourself and occasionally give it to your kid. The operating system and the hardware are excellent. It is very easy to use. The price is very low, according to the features, just $70.

iRulu Kid Pad

Best Tablet for Kid

iRulu Kid Pad is only for kids, but has all the right features like Android 4.2, Wi-Fi, 8GB storage, etc. You can hand it over even to very small kids because the material is non-toxic, and the corners cannot hurt. The price is $160.

LeapFrog LeapPad 3

Best Tablet for Kid

LeapFrog LeapPad 3 is one of the first companies that made tablets for kids. The tablet is entirely dedicated to fun and learning. It is priced at $100. You will not regret spending money on it. (See more electronics review here.)

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