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Best Tablet Cases Brand

Now that you’ve got your cool tablet, how to make it unique and keep it safe? You’ll need a case. We don’t like cases that look cheap and break easily. A beautifully-designed case is more of a statement piece than a dull tool. Whether you are into classy or funky designs, you will find a perfect coat for your favourite toy from the following brands. See more tablet reviews here.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

Otterbox is durable and made of robust silicone. It comes at an affordable price of $44. New iPad inspires the design of the case. There are three layers of protection in the case with an inbuilt screen protector to prevent scratches and allows easy cleaning, internal polycarbonate layer, and an outer layer to absorb impact. The port protection does not allow dust and debris.

The case is designed to provide access to all ports and functions of Apple IPad3. The defending series is the industry leader considering its protective capabilities.

Speck iGuy

Best Tablet Cases Brand

This foam case is designed exclusively for iPad and available at a price of $23.19. Speck iGuy is the favorite protection case with its lightweight and id kid tested.

The case is squeezable with its soft foam reflecting the personality of the holder. iGuy is the favorite among the young people. The company has more than a decade of experience in making cases for all leading brands including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc. Most of the cases of speck are stylish and functional.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

It is the perfect case for 7 and 8 inch tablets priced at $12. The case comprises of a stronger leather exterior to protect from outside and a soft interior to prevent scratches to the phone. The Pro Case has an inbuilt pen holder and comes with a free stylus pen.

To give a secure closure, the case has an elastic strap. The case, however, does not have provisions for displaying back camera and does not support wake and sleep options in tablets.

Griffin Technology

Best Tablet Cases Brand

It is a military duty case with a price tag of $36. The Griffin Survivor terrain case is tested independently and certified by the US Defense Department. The display shield deflects the rain and wind. The ports are sealed to block the dust.

The rigid polycarbonate, shatter resistant frame of the Mobile protects against drops and shocks. This case will protect the iPad Mini from all sorts of environmental factors. The case gives additional protection on vibrations, grit, blown dust, shock and humid conditions.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

This HDE soft case is designed for all versions of Apple iPad and available at a price of $18. EVA foam material of high quality and non-toxic nature is used to make the case. It gives a good grip and protects against smudges, dust, and scratches.

The case offers shock absorption and offers protection to the tablets. The case offers full functionality to all the functions and ports of the iPad. The case can be rotated to 180 degrees and can stand upright to view tablet in a table top position. The case creates a child proof shell across the tablet to prevent scratches and fall damage.

Electronix Express

Best Tablet Cases Brand

Electronix Express is a stylish and attractive 7 inch tablet protective case. This case is targeted at women with pink color. The case is slim and available at a price of $5.5. The case has the folio view option with leather type finish. The pink color is eye catching.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

This Fintie case is designed for iPad 2 and iPad 3 available at a price of $14. It is made of synthetic leather both in the interior and exterior. The case provides sleep and wake features with a built in the magnetic strip. A smart pen holder provision is present in the case.

The case is lightweight and durable. The case can serve three purposes of stand styles, leather case of book style and iPad to secure under flap. The cutouts in the case allow access to speakers, charge ports, volume and other controls.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

This WAWO case is exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 available at a price of $13. The case is made of PU leather of high grade, delicate, smooth texture and offers a comfortable touch. The appearance of the case is elegant and luxurious.

The case has appropriate openings to support the controls of the tablet. The case offers full protection in all corners and sides of the tablet. The interior of the case is made of a high-quality microfiber giving a gentle protection to the screen.


Best Tablet Cases Brand

The case is available for a price of $25 and designed exclusively for the Kindle. The case is available in vibrant and sharp colors that can attract the people easily. Caseable is a leading manufacturer of tablet protective cases in a custom manner.

They also offer handmade and crafted cases for the Kindle. There is a lot of artwork in these cases created by artists across the world especially from Brooklyn and Berlin. Heat sublimation process is used to manufacture each cover to keep brilliant colors and maximize definition.


Best Tablet Cases Brand


This Tuff-luv is well-known for its business style iphone case combining the function of wallet. Tuff-luv  tablet case features strong style of understatement. Sleek, classic and light. It meets every exceptions of a high-end case.

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