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Best Pregnancy Workout Videos

Pregnancy can be one of the most joyous times in a woman’s life, and it can also be one of the most stressful times. Provided are a few exercises, not just to stay fit during the next nine months, but to relieve yourself of stress and tension.

10 Minute Solutions

Pregnancy Workout

10 Minute Solutions is a super easy guide for pregnancy workout. Tutorials are split into 5 10-minute, doable, workouts that will help you work out your whole body. These exercises aren’t too hard, but they aren’t too wimpy either.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy Workout

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a comedy about five couples who lives are turned upside down as they get ready for parenthood. It’s a story of how you are never truly prepared for a child and how life can throw a curve at you that you weren’t expecting.

Prenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett

Pregnancy Workout

Prenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett is gentle and designed used throughout your pregnancy in helping you adapt to the changed of your body and your baby. It begins with meditation that will help you reduce stress and fatigue.

You’ll go on to strengthening your body and increasing you energy, which you will need once the baby comes. The exercises done through this workout will help assist you during the pregnancy.

Prenatal Fetal Fix

Pregnancy Workout

Hollywood trainer Erin O’Brien created this workout to condition your body as you go through your pregnancy.Prenatal Fetal Fix starring Erin O’Brien and James Denton is split into two workout, the first is 40 minutes long to work on your own and the second is 20 minutes to work on with your partner. It’s considered the perfect way to include others in your pregnancy.

Embracing the Goddess-Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workout

You may not feel beautiful or powerful all during your pregnancy, let alone seeing yourself as a Goddess. That’s where Lisa Richards steps in. Her soothing voice guides you to feel calm and rejuvenated, to reduce fatigue and tension and increase your circulation for the best experience of mother and child.

Embracing the Goddess starring Lisa Richards offers calming yoga and breathing exercises and relief from aching muscles usually troubled by pregnancy.

Pilates in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workout

Lindsey teaches you how you can create a stronger body and deal with the physical changes you will go through during pregnancy with a warm up and two different workouts including post birth exercises.

Pilates in Pregnancy starring Lindsey Jackson is for everyone, even those who have never done Pilates before. It will help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy as well as get back into shape after.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Workout

With the help of two prenatal yoga women, Mimi Solaire shows you a safe and easy workout, suitable for all trimesters in Prenatal Yoga. She provides exercises that you may not find in other yoga videos but that are helpful for pregnancy, such as ankle rolling to help with swelling.

Fit and Firm Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workout

Denise Austin provides a workout Fit and Firm Pregnancy that helps you “perfect pregnancy posture” and get back into shape after having you baby.

Her workouts include breathing and core awareness, cardio, toning for your 1st and 2nd trimester for sculpting your body and 3rd trimester toning to help prepare for delivery. Her “Bounce-Back” workout is a rigor 10-minute routine that will re-train your abs.

Tracy Anderson Method

Pregnancy Workout

Tracy Anderson Method: Post-Pregnancy Workout is perfect for new moms. Women worry about what will happen to their physiques when they have children, now they don’t have to. This video will help women get back to their pre-pregnancy shape and more without pushing so hard.

It offers a lot of ab work with clear instructions. It doesn’t just have you doing the exercises, but explains them and how they help you gain that desired shape.

Week 35 of Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Workout

It’s week 35, you’re almost there. Pregnancy Class: Week 35 of Pregnancy Yoga is meant to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy, prepare you for labor and help you obtain a great figure after the birth. It teaches you the importance of “alternate nostril breathing”, giving you a sense of calm, improves concentration and relieves anxiety, which is important for delivery.

As said, pregnancy can be one of the most joyous times of your life, whether it is your first child, or you fifth. It can also be scary and worrisome. One of the worries is what toll will it take on your body, on your figure.

With these videos, you won’t have to worry about that. Try any one of these, or try all. You won’t have to worry anymore, but be excited about your new baby and the new you.

Written by Violet Zhang

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