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Best Pregnancy Workout Books

Are you looking to continue your fitness even through your pregnancy, or rebuilding your body afterwards? These books will help you safely stay fit and energized while having a healthy pregnancy.

The Pregnant Athlete

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Triathlete/trainer and mother Brandi Dion, fitness expert Steven Dion, as well as OB/GYN Joel Heller come together to give you this accurate and supportive guidance —The Pregnant Athlete for a safe and healthy pregnancy while maintaining a high level of fitness. You’ll find information on the changes your body is going through, flexible workout plans, facts and advice about eating well and the truths about common pregnancy myths.

How to Exercise When You’re Expecting

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Being a mom is one of the toughest and busiest jobs in the world. In most cases, you rarely have the time for yourself. In How to Exercise When You’re Expecting, you will learn how even the busiest moms can stay strong and fit during their pregnancy and lose the weight after childbirth.

Tips shared includes understanding and avoiding food cravings, safe exercises for each stage of pregnancy and keeping fitness and nutrition a priority when you run on a busy schedule. Used through her own pregnancies, Lindsay offers this guide to help moms get back into the pre-baby shape or better.

Pregnancy Health Yoga

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Yoga can help you a lot during your pregnancy, from calming your emotions, to enhancing your health and even providing aid in post-birth recovery. Tara Lee and Mary Aftwood are experts in pregnancy yoga and have created this guidebook to help mom-to-be through every stage. Pregnancy Health Yoga provides tips on meditation and breathing with illustrated step-by-step routines.

Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Fit & Healthy Pregnancy eliminates generations of old wives’ myths about exercising while pregnant. Running coach Dr. Kristina Pinto along with triathlete Rachel Kramer help new mothers go back to physical fitness after having their baby.

Through research, they have concluded that exercising during pregnancy is not safe, but healthy throughout. They guide moms-to-be through the pregnancy, showing how their bodies and nutrition, and how workouts will change. They offer tips on breastfeeding, nutrition, weight loss, as well as how to get back into working out.

Why Kids Make You Fat

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Yes, women tend to gain weight when they are pregnant, and sometimes they may have trouble losing the weight, but Mark Macdonald explains another reason why people get fat after having kids and this goes for men too.

He reveals the reason why so many people have gained weight during their early years as parents and how to shed that weight with his eight-week program in Why Kids Make You Fat.

Mommy Fabulous

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Not sure what type of exercise is safe enough to have a healthy pregnancy? Mommy Fabulous helps every pregnant woman find the information she is looking for. It provides information on nutrition for pregnancy and weight loss.

You’ll learn what foods affect your baby’s development and health negatively and how to minimize, even avoid pregnancy complications. There are 40 exercises accompanied with photographs and step-by-step instructions for you to exercise smarter instead of harder.

Exercise After Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Exercise After Pregnancy features a safe and easy 3-step program to rebuilding your shape and prepare you for a busy life as a mother. You can jump into Helen Byrne’s postnatal core system, which consists of Pilates and yoga, just days after having your child and requires no special exercise equipment.

Get Fit For Your Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Get Fit For Your Pregnancy will help you understand and learn how to control any excess body fat. You can learn basic breathing exercises for relaxation, yoga moves and meditation and how to put together a healthy diet plan. The right exercise routines will keep you fit and hopefully ease labor and speed up recovery.

Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Margo Shapiro Bachman helps women experience pregnancy healthily and with joy by sharing the basics of yoga, diet and lifestyle principles. She offers month0by-month exercises and practices which include meditation, breathwork and even massage. Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby will guide you to stay healthy and happy during the first weeks with your newborn.

Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood

Best Pregnancy Workout Book

Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood offers guidance, reassurance and step-by-step instructions to continue your yoga workouts. You will find safety ranking workouts for each trimester of pregnancy as well as a list of benefits and cautions.

So whether you want to stay fit during your pregnancy or get back into shape after birth, these books will definitely help you through your journey.

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