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Best practices when using video editing software

Best practises when using video editing softwareVideo editing is not an easy task. If you haven’t so, please read our introduction to video editing software to get some background knowledge.   You will need months just to clear the basics and then a few months more to become an expert in this field. If you want to reduce the time, you can keep a few things in mind from the day you start learning. These are practices or habits of most of the expert video editors. But before we dive into it, you first need good video editing software. Software does all the work of a video editor. After you have found the right one, you can benefit from the tips given below.

Keep things organised

 It is very important that you provide the files and folders with proper names, and store all the data at the right place. For instance, if you have a project named ‘my first video’, then you should create a folder with the same name and create subfolders with names like raw video, soundtrack, image, etc. It might seem to be a waste of time initially, but these are the things that make the difference between a good video editor and an awesome video editor. Properly organizing will make it very easy for you to locate any data and keep the track of your progress. It is ultimately going to save a lot of your time, when working on big projects.

Always keep a backup

Whenever you are modifying any data, you should always have its backup. Not only you should maintain a backup of the progress but also of the raw data. You might somehow make an irreversible mistake some day. You will find the raw data very useful. Also, the progress can be corrupted or erased or stolen due to one or the other reason. Having a backup will give you a peace of mind. The best option is to keep two synchronised folders on your computer and also having synchronisation with the cloud.

Choose the right tool

 A video editor can only be as good as the software he/she uses. If your software has limitations, then also do you. Pick the best video editing software in the market and be patience while buying it. Do proper research. Do not purchase the first software that you heard to be the best. Also, if you are aiming to be a very good professional video editor, do not think about the price too much. Some of the good options available in the market are Corel Video Studio Pro X7 &  CyberLink Power Director 13 Ultra, etc.

Secondary sound source

Best practises when using video editing softwareThe audio recorded with the video is very rarely clear. Though, it can be made clear by removing the unwanted noises but that’s never too good. The better option will be to record the audio separately using a proper microphone and then add it to the video. Recording the complete audio in a single time and then matching it with the video will never be possible. So, record the audio in parts or record completely and then divide it into It will make your job easier.

Remove unwanted parts

There will be many things in a raw video that will not be useful for the actual purpose. While editing the video, you might think that these things seem natural and should remain as they are, but remember that they will entertain nobody. Nobody will want to waste their time on the non-interesting stuff. So remove all those things.

Do not overdo it

Many a times when you reach a very good result by doing continuous progress, but then you think of doing a little more. If you are not an expert, then do not do more. You have reached a good result, just be happy with it.

Remember the purpose

The purpose of video editor software is not just to add effects and sounds. It is to transform the raw video into something great. Also, keep in mind what is expected from the video. Is it expected to be funny, inspiring, horrifying, ? Your final result should be according to what’s expected.

Make multiple drafts

If you are just beginning professional video editing then obviously you don’t know what is going to be best for the If you have the proper time, try to make more than one edited videos. For instance, if you cannot choose from two intros then make two videos with different intros and so on. With time, you will start learning that what makes the video entertaining then only one draft will be enough.

Keeping these imporatant things in mind will have a positive effect on your learning curve. But do not expect learning to be easy. You will still have to put a lot of time and hard work into it. So, all the best.

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