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Best Makeup Tips for a Night Out

If you are young then you can go out without any makeup in the day time. But for a night out you need little makeup; otherwise it just does not look good. You do not have to use a lot of makeup if you are going out with your friends for instance, a little blusher, glossy lipstick is fine. Night look have to be glamorous, especially if you are going for a date. Some women think that using a lot of makeup at night is okay, but it is not. Everything have to be balanced, here are some important tips to look perfect for a night out.

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Go for bolder lip colors

No matter what anyone says, do not believe, it is the women’s lips that other person notices first. Using nude shade lipsticks for a night out is wasting both time and money. Nude shade never goes well with any night look. If you are not fond of dark colors then use a pink shade, but no nude shade. Nude shade actually makes a woman appear aged. The best color for the night is red; it makes you look thousand times more glamorous in just couple of seconds. If you are going for a date night then wear a bold LBD with red lips and your date will not be able to take his eyes off from you. If you are young then you can also use unusual colors like gold or silver.

Bronze look

Pop star Rihanna made this look famous among young ladies all over the world. To create the look you have to use a foundation that is one shade darker than your original skin tone. Make sure that you apply the foundation all over your face. Follow it up with same shade compact powder, not only this look make you look more glamorous, but your cheek bones also looks great by this.

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Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are one of the top trends on red carpet these days; almost all actresses are sporting this look. It is not really difficult to create a smoky look; all you need is a light brown eye shadow and one more shade in a color that matches your dress. Use the other color first, then use the light brown eyeshadow and then start blending it from the lower part of your eye lid. Do not use a lot of brown eyeshadow. To get the best effect you need to make sure that you are not over doing anything.

Blusher is a must

If you want to avoid blusher for a day time outing then you can but for any night time party you need to make sure that you are using a blusher. If you are over 30 then it is even more important as the lines on your cheeks will be visible in the night light, so use a blusher. These days you can get blusher that matches your skin tone perfectly. So bring out the pink cheeks and impress everyone at the party.Sleepless movie

Best Makeup Tips for a Night Out (1)

Eye liner to make the eyes appear bigger

There are many women who avoid using eyeliner on their eyes, as they find it is tough to draw the eyes with the liquid one. But these days you can get eyeliner in pen form too, and anyone can use those to draw a darker and sharper eye. Good beauticians say that they can make even the smallest eyes appear bigger with eyeliner. If you sweat too much then get a water proof one and of course the eyeliner has to be smudge free.

Highlights are okay

Shimmer is the trend of the season, if you want to make your lips or your eyes the star of the night then go ahead and use shimmer on them. For a night look this is absolutely okay. But again make sure that you do not use a ton of highlight otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree. Right dose of shimmer on your eyes can make you look much younger than your original age. But women over 40 should avoid using shimmery lip gloss altogether, just a little bit on the eye is all you need.

Big Lashes

There is no shame in using false eye lashes. Big eye lashes are great especially if you have really small eyes. It makes your eyes look big and more dramatic. First stick the eyelashes with the help of glue and then use an eyelash curler. Now use mascara, no one will guess that you are using artificial eyelashes. Bigger eyelashes also make your dark circles much less visible.

So follow the above tips and you will look glamorous in every night out. But make sure that you are wearing a fitted dress when you are going for a date night.

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