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Best Makeup Ideas for summer

According to many people summer is the best time of the year. They can spend time outside, go to the beach, and flaunt their figures. Many people who suffer from depression also think that summer makes them happier and they feel less stressed out. But there is one thing about summer which many women do not like. They say that no matter how minimal makeup they apply on their faces it always appears loud. The thing is you cannot apply makeup the same way in summer as you do in winter and that is why you end up looking loud. Here are some tips for summer makeup, keep these tips in mind and enjoy summer time.

Best Makeup Ideas for summer (1)

Go Nude when it comes to makeup

In summer nude should be the color choice for you when it comes to makeup. To achieve this look you have to skip the base, directly apply the Concealer to cover all the spots on your face. And follow it up with a compact powder. Yes this is all you need, foundation and pancake are not right for summer makeup. You have to make your face appear as natural as possible.

Tinted creams are good

Tinted BB and CC creams are great choices for summer time as you do not need to apply anything extra on your face. Use the shade that goes with your skin color.

For the night looks use minimum shimmer

According to many famous beauticians one must avoid highlighting or using simmer on their face in summer, but if you must do then do not use a lot and try using liquid highlighter. You have to be an expert to make shimmer look natural on your face. If you are a fresher then do not use it. When the temperature is hot outside a shimmery face looks greasy and if you sweat then the situation will become worse.

Best Makeup Ideas for summer (2)

Use a lipstick as the blush

This is a weird way but many beauticians believe that using lipstick as a blush is more effective in summer than the regular way of using a blusher. Lipsticks especially the pink lipsticks make the cheeks look natural and fresh. Powder blush is not really good idea for summer days. If you use nude color lipstick for both your lips and cheeks then people will think that this is your natural skin color and everyone loves looking at a fresh face in summer.

Do not use loud color eye shadows

One of the biggest makeup disasters in summer is using dark color eye shadow. It just does not look appropriate. You look out of place. The best way to go is to use a tinted cream like your face on the eye lids and then follow that up with a compact powder, avoid eye shadows all together. But if you want to use, then use a color that is close to your natural skin color as the base and then follow it up with light pink. Do not use anything shimmery even for night parties.

Dark red lips are a strict no

Yes dark red lips are seductive but for summer they are not good. Some women use dark red lipstick even in summer and follow it up with a gloss, they look so out of place. Baby pink and nude are the best lip colors for summer.  Some women also suffer from dry lips in the summer, for them it is better to use a lip balm instead of a lipstick. Lip gloss should be avoided all together in summer as it will make you look dirty because gloss starts melting in hot temperature.

Best Makeup Ideas for summer (3)

Use a sunscreen with high SPF instead of moisturizer

If you go out right after you apply a moisturizer in summer then UV ray will make your face dark. So for summer it is better to use a Sunscreen with SPF more than 30 in day time as moisturizer. You will look fresh and your face will also not get dark. There is lots of Sunscreen available which have the same qualities that keep your skin hydrated for longer hours. Use Sunscreen all over the body otherwise your body will be darker than your face.

Waterproof makeup products

There are some women who sweat a lot during summer and if you are one of them then use waterproof makeup products. You can get waterproof mascara, eyeliner, everything. They do not cost a lot of money so get them instead of regular products.

Apply ice massage all over your face before doing the makeup

Take an ice and massage the face with it. It will make sure that your makeup stay longer and you will also feel more energetic because of this cool massage.

In summer less is always more, so keep the makeup as minimal as possible.

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