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Best leg workout for women

Nowadays with all the magazines showing beautiful, fit women, you see great abs and strong arms. You also see slim, powerful legs and a firm bottom. With arms you lift dumbbells and with squats you may do sit-ups or crunches, but what do you do for great legs and behind? There are several exercises provided to build these muscles.

Pistol Squat

Best leg workout for women

The first exercise is the Pistol Squat. Stretch your arms out to your sides at the level of your shoulder for balance. Lift your right leg and hold it there. Move your hips backward and do your utmost to lower you body, then return to the position where you start. Do that 10-15 times.

Dumbbell Split Jump

Best leg workout for womenThe next is the Dumbbell Split Jump. Stand in a staggered stance, make sure your left foot is in front of your right one, a pair of dumbbells held out at arm’s length to your sides and your palms facing each other, lower your body into a squat. switch directions while jumping off the ground. Repeat this step, alternating back and forth.

Farmer’s Walk on Toes

Best leg workout for women

You may have done a similar version as this next exercise when you were a child, trying to seem taller than you really are, but this time with dumbbells. It’s called Farmer’s Walk on Toes. Grabbing a pair of dumbbells and holding them to your sides at arm’s length, raise your heels and walk around for 1 minute.

Reverse Dumbbell Box Lunge

Best leg workout for women

Here’s a harder one, the Reverse Dumbbell Box Lunge plus forward reach. Stand on something about 6 inches off the ground, grabbing a pair of not heavy dumbbells at your each side. Move backward into a lunge with your right leg, leaning forward, and reach toward your feet. Reverse to return to the position where you start.

Marching Hip Raise with Feet

Best leg workout for women

You will need a Swiss Ball for the next exercise, the Marching Hip Raise. Lie on the floor, face-up, with your knees bent, your feet on the Swiss Ball, flat. Lift your hips in the air so your shoulders and knees form a straight line. With one foot still on the Swiss Ball, raise one knee to your chest, then lower it back down on the ball and repeat with the other knee.

Reverse Lunge

Best leg workout for women

Lunges help to work out your legs, so does the Reverse Lunge, but it places less stress on your knees. Do the basic lunge, but take a large step backwards instead. Lower your hips so that your right thigh becomes parallel to the floor with your knee over your ankle. Your left knee should be pointing to the floor at a 90-degree angle. Press your right heel into the floor and bring your left leg forward, returning to the standing position.

Side Step Kettlebell Swing

Best leg workout for women

The Side Step Kettlebell Swing works out your legs, glutes and back. Grab a kettlebell and swing it with both of your hands, up and down between your legs. When you bring the bell down, step out with our right foot, then bring our feet together again as you raise the barbell up. Keep side-stepping one wa and then the other for about 10-15 steps.


Best leg workout for women

Here’s an exercise that will strengthen the most powerful muscles in your body, the Glutes. This is the hip thrust. Sounds funny, I know, but it works. You will need a low bench (16 inches or shorter) and a barbell. The bar should go on your upper thigh, below your crotch. Be careful, the pressure can increase greatly when you start lifting heavier weights. Padding will help relieve the pressure.

Place your feet directly under your knees, making a 90-degree angle with the ground when you lift. Place your hand on the dumbbell. Once you have the thrust in the upward position, tuck your butt under the bar. The glutes should be the muscles that lift the majority of the weight.

You want to use weights more than 135 pounds, by doing so you’ll get a better workout. That may seem excessive, especially for a lightweight, but this exercise isn’t as stressful and with pushing against the floor, it’s a lot easier than trying to lift the weights with your hands.

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Best leg workout for women

Of course there can always be an incident when doing the exercise wrong, especially when you are using equipment. You feet could slip off the Swiss Ball and you could bang your back against the ground. You can accidentally hit yourself with the dumbbell or kettlebell.

Putting the barbell too close to the neck or lower back can harm your airway and you may be unable to push it off. In cases where you are first trying out an exercise that seems rather risky, attempt it with a spotter, in case you were to get that barbell too high.

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Best leg workout for women

These exercises will surely help increase your leg muscles and give you that sexy bottom lift followed by firm and strong legs. Pair them with upper exercises and you’ll have that perfect summer beach body.

Written by Theresa Melander

Theresa Melander

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