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Best laptop under $500

Are you searching for a budget laptop with high quality? Here is a list of laptops that are affordable and with super performance. The key features to note in a budget laptop are performance, display, browsing speeds, data transfer speeds, storage, etc. The compilation of budget laptops below will give you a fair idea of selecting the best Laptop under $500. See more laptop reviews here.

Lenovo G505 – $336.00

Best laptop under $500

G505 is a 15.6 inch laptop suitable for online browsers, doing homework and most importantly within budget. It performance is enhanced with the AMD processor.

The AccuType keyboard is one of the features of this laptop with its durable and versatile nature. This laptop is known for its reliability and security. The Dolby audio, AMD graphics, and vivid graphics make it an all in one PC. The AMD Radeon graphics enable superior HD LED display with the 15.6 inch screen.

The Dolby Audio ensures crisp and clear sound. The Lenovo energy management with one key recovery is one of the key features available with all Lenovo laptops. It is an excellent laptop considering the entertainment part.

The data transfer is ten times faster with the unique super speed USB 3.0 technology. The Lenovo cloud storage ensures that additional storage is available to store all vital information including videos, music, documents, etc.

Lenovo ThinkPad E545 – $589.99

Best laptop under $500

Lenovo E545 is known for its smart features. AMD powers the performance of this laptop delivering smooth functionality and superior performance. The superior graphics of AMD Radeon bring the pictures live and provide excellent quality video and pictures.

The users can experience VOIP communication in an enhanced manner. This black laptop is perfect for a business environment. The trackpads and track points are valued additions. Office personnel and college students prefer this laptop for its attractive and professional design. The laptop has a long battery life up to 6 hours, enabling no disturbances in the business.

The laptop is durable with active protection system and drops down hinges. The Dolby advanced audio V2 of the laptop increases the quality of audio while watching videos and movies with no distortion. Faster data transfer is possible with the USB 3.0 technology. This allows the user to copy large data files and share media files instantly.

ASUS X552EA – DH42 – $379.99

Best laptop under $500

ASUS X series of laptops have redefined the daily needs of computing. AMD processor powers the performance of the laptop, allowing that multi-tasking capability is providing a hassle free performance. The SonicMaster technology delivers high-quality sound from the inbuilt stereo speakers. This laptop DH42 resumes instantly in just 2 seconds from hibernation.

An auto data backup feature is available in case the laptop hibernates with less than 5 percent battery life. The laptop comes with a one year accidental warranty. The performance of the laptop is enhanced through features like a Quad core processor for smooth computing, USB 3.0 for speedy file transfer; Video calls are in high HD quality with the SonicMaster technology and ASUS Audio Wizard software.

This ASUS audio software is useful for enhancing the sound quality of music, videos, and games, etc. With cloud storage, the ASUS laptop allows the users to have access to any amount of data anywhere and anytime.

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5180 – $289.00

Best laptop under $500

This Satellite laptop enhances the home or office computing lifestyle in a superior manner with multitasking functionalities. It had some battery problems initially, but now it is solved in this series. The display is clean and bright enabling reading and watching videos clearly. This laptop can be used for entertainment purposes.

Superdrive in the form of a high-speed DVD drive is one of the features of this laptop enabling the user to watch, play, burn DVD and CD at will. The laptop starts in just 4 seconds and users can experience better speeds on the internet. Browsers love this laptop for its incredible internet and fast downloading features.

The keyboard is flat, and the touchpad can be configured according to the user preferences. This laptop is affordable and comparatively cheap in its segment. The video quality is good with high-end graphics. Browsing is the lightening speed in this laptop. The laptop looks cool with a good texture and attractive design.

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T – $289.99

Best laptop under $500

Asus TF300T is bundled with a docking station giving an incredible user experience. The 10.1 inch touch display is easy to navigate and forms a great means of entertainment. The battery life is the special feature of this laptop and lasts up to 15 hours. This enables the users to spend more time on work, play, entertainment, etc. in this laptop.

It also has an 180 degree wide viewing angle. The docking station helps to transform the laptop from tablet mode to PC mode. The NVIDIA Tegra3 processor makes this Laptop a gaming station combined with SonicMaster audio technology.

The laptop has high-speed USB ports for fast connections. The ASUS laptop is used for multimedia purposes with high-end graphics, video and audio quality with the modern technologies. The NVIDIA processor enhances the display clarity, making the laptop suited for entertainment like watching videos and movies for a long time non-stop.

These laptops are renowned for its long battery life and people loving to use the laptop without plugging in power or without wires and charger for long hours prefers this laptop.

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