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Best Laptop under $300

Are you looking for some economic laptops, but at the same time, that of reliable quality? Have little idea of the brands and functions of laptops under &300? Don’t worry. Let’s take a look at the five laptops under $300 recommended below. Check out more laptop reviews here.

Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop

Laptops under $300

This Dell Inspiron laptop is powered by Intel Celeron Processor and is economical. This laptop is designed for easy traveling purposes and is one inch thin sliding into the carry bag easy. The performance of the laptop is affordable, allowing multitasking operations with windows 8.1 apps. The battery life of the laptop lasts 6.25 hours on continuously watching movies, listening to music, etc. The 10 key numeric pads enable office work to be done easily.

The laptop provides enhanced viewing with 1366 * 768 resolution displays, 500 GB hard drive, 4 in 1 media card reader and practical ports for Bluetooth and internet connectivity. This Dell laptop is reliable and lasts long in extreme heat conditions tested up to 65 degrees Celsius. All buttons in the laptop are tested rigorously to survive 40000 pushes. There is enough protection between the base and lid and tested 25000 times opening and closing. This laptop is known for its durable nature and is the first preference of the users preferring durable laptops.

ASUS 15.6 Inch Laptop

Laptops under $300

It is a latest generation notebook PC with new computing features. This Ausu notebook offers high speed and power with an Intel Celeron dual core processor. The performance of the notebook is enhanced through the sonic master technology of ASUS providing high-quality audio from the speakers inbuilt. The display is designed for home entertainment. The textured finish of the notebook gives a good grip and prevents fingerprints and scratches. The display design is excellent with the splendid technology of ASUS to optimize the viewing.

The smart gesture technology enables smooth and easy navigation. The ice cool technology does not overheat the laptop and keep the heat producing internal parts cool ensuring that the heat does not rise above the body temperature. It enables the user to work or play on the laptop for hours without any heating problem. There are five preset audio modes using the Audio Wizard technology. This laptop is fully equipped with latest technologies and is preferred by technology lovers.

Toshiba CB35-B3330 13.3-Inch Chromebook 2

Laptops under $300

Toshiba is renowned worldwide for its quality products. It is an economic product of Toshiba with 11-hour battery life. This Toshiba notebook is designed for entertainment. The Chromebook is slim and light weight with 3 pounds, making portability convenient. The sleek design with a brilliant screen makes the pictures and videos to be displayed with high quality. Browsing in this Chromebook is lightening fast with a superior performance.

The audio and video quality is unmatchable with HD quality. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity speeds are incredibly fast in this Chromebook. The voice chats in this laptop are excellent over long periods of time. The Chromebook comes in three exciting colors of Aqua, Charcoal, and Rose. This Toshiba Chromebook is preferred by entertainment lovers and social networking people enjoying audio, video, and video chat online.

Toshiba L15W-B1310 11.6-Inch 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop

Laptops under $300

This Toshiba laptop is a value-packed PC that can be converted into a tablet. It can be used in five different modes like a tabletop to enjoy the movies and shows, as a tablet to browse the internet in a fast manner, like a laptop to work. The satellite radius switches the system settings automatically on changing the modes. The keyboard is protected using the smart locking feature.

The laptop is lightweight, weighing less than 3 pounds. The patterned light gold top finish is attractive. The touch screen makes navigation comfortable and easy for the users. The trutype keyboard of the laptop is comfortable and less key bounce. The laptop is preferred by people loving multiple uses of the laptop in different modes. Tablet lovers prefer this laptop to use for multiple purposes including entertainment, browsing and working.

ASUS 12-Inch Chromebook


ASUS Chromebook offers 11-hour battery life in continuous browsing. The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) hardware security ensures the security of the information on the laptop while sharing it with friends and family. The WiFi connectivity is three times faster than normal speeds of data transfer. Users can replicate the mobile lifestyle in this tablet with usage of multiple apps at the same time. Multitasking is one of the special features of this tablet. Traveling becomes comfortable with this tablet due to its light weight.

The touchpad of the Chromebook is spacious enough to glide and slide the fingertips, enabling the user to operate the tablet using a single hand and having full control. The chiclet keyboard of the tablet allows more control to the user enabling faster typing and high precision. This tablet is convenient to share with kids and adults due to the unique hardware security inbuilt in the chip of the tablet. This allows encryption of secured data and information with Chrome OS protecting the core files of the system. Smartphone users prefer this Chromebook as the tablet gives a mobile phone experience with a lot of apps.

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