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Best Hotels in Gramado

Gramado is full of lakes, waterfalls and hills. Your stay here is going to be adventurous. If you want it to be comfortable too, here is the list of some of the best hotels.

Hotel Saint Andrews


Features: If you are looking for elegance and a great view of the scenic beauty, Hotel Saint Andrews is the place for you. You get luxurious rooms with private bathroom and flat screen TV. The gardens, lounge area and the lake deck will make the experience memorable. Sauna, massage and spa are all part of the deal. Free internet and parking are also included. Some rooms have a spa bath and personal computer. You can enjoy the meals either at the restaurant or through room service.

Price range: The rooms start from $791.

Hotel Saint Hurbertus


Features: The Hotel Saint Hurbertus is located just in front of the Black Lake and has numerous hiking trails around it. You will also get a great view of the hills. There is so much greenery around it. The rooms are very luxurious and elegant. They have wooden floors and used white fabric at most of the places. Fireplace, air conditioning and LCD TV are also a part of every room. Parking and WiFi are free for the guests.

Price range: You will have to pay $237 for a stay here.

Varanda das Hotel


Features: No two rooms are same here. Each one differs in decoration, size and colour. Varanda das Hotel is a great place for relaxing. The rooms have TV, mini bar and air conditioning. You can spend your all day in the room. If you want outdoor entertainment, the Gramado tennis club is just 50 metres away. Also, there is a pool table, swimming pool, massage therapy, spa, hot tub, etc., available for the guests.

Price range: Cost of a room here is $214.

Pousada La Lavande


Features: Pousada La Lavande has a very comfortable and relaxing environment. Whether you are in your room or somewhere else in the hotel, you will feel absolutely no stress. If you step outside, there is a lot of natural greenery to relax your eyes. The food here is also great. Parking and WiFi are free for guests. Black lake is about 700 metres away while the airport is at a distance of 73 km.

Price range: The prices start at $166.

Hotel Modevie


Features: The rooms of Hotel Modevie are extremely elegant. Walls, beds, doors, etc., everything, are white, but not shiny white. The furniture is creamy. These colours are very soothing, and make the place look very clean. Breakfast is organised daily and gives a lot of options to choose from. You can get the rest of the meals and drinks from the restaurant. Air conditioning, private bathroom and TV are in every room. Internet access and parking are available for every guest without any extra charge.

Price range: $156 is the price of rooms here.

Hotel Laghetto Premio


Features:In Hotel Laghetto Premio, Decor of the rooms and overall hotel, are a little more comfortable than the other such hotels, which makes it less elegant but still enjoyable. The rooms have a private bathroom and TV with cable channels. Parking and WiFi are free for the guests.

Price range: The range starts from $150.

Pousada do Tirol


Features: In Pousada do Tirol, you will get a complete star experience. You will get a room with mini bar, TV, private bathroom and a balcony with a view of the nearby forest. It is located just 1.6 km from the Gramado bus station while the airport is 72 km away. You will get free internet and parking space. However, for facilities like laundry, you will have to pay extra.

Price range: $148 is the cost of a stay here.

Hotel Laghetto Stilo Centro


Features: You will not find a room more elegant than Hotel Laghetto Stilo Centro. The colours are used so brilliantly, so as to create a perfect relaxing environment. A full buffet breakfast is served every morning with a variety of food. Air conditioner and heating system are in every room. You will also find cable TV and private bathroom. The black lake park is just 1.9 km away while the airport is at a distance of 74 km.

Price range: You will have to pay $143 for a room.

Hotel Laghetto Gramado


Features: The Hotel Laghetto Gramado has a classical look from the outside, but the interiors are modernised. Air conditioning, mini bar and TV are part of every room. There is also a playroom for kids and a game room. The airport is 120 km from here.

Price range: Cost of a room is $142.

Hotel Casa da Montanha


Features: You can see landscapes and forests all around the place in Hotel Casa da Montanha. The view from your room will be even better. You can get a variety of local cuisines and drinks at the restaurant. Sauna and indoor swimming pool help the guests relax. Parking and internet access are free for all the guests.

Price range: Rooms start from $136.

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