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Best Eyeshadow for Work

It is important for women to look fresh when they are going to the work. Many feminist may not like it but looking fresh and smart for work makes a lot of difference. It makes it easier for women to get respect too. Work makeup is little harder than regular day makeup as the main purpose of work makeup is to look natural and fresh. But you cannot look over done at the same time. Dark color cosmetics are a strict no when it comes to work look. Work eyeshadow also needs to be subtle. Here are the reviews of 5 eyeshadows which are perfect for every working woman.

Best Eyeshadow for Work

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow – 15 Mitsucha

Best Eyeshadow for Work

Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow – 15 Mitsucha comes in 4 shades, but none of the shades is too dark. You can mix and match the colors or use them as it is, and all these shades will give you a natural looking eye. No color will stand up. This is exactly what you need for a work look. This product comes in a little box, it is very easy to carry with you, if you have to go for a party after work then apply the eyeshadow with two layers and use one dark shade to highlight and you are ready to party.  One box is $105.99, but the look it will create for you is absolutely priceless. The effect lasts for the entire day.

Lunasol Eye Shadow Skin Modeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige

Best Eyeshadow for Work

Many professional makeup artists use this Lunasol Eye Shadow Skin Modeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige eyeshadow. There are four shades of eye shadows in one box, and if you look at the color of the shades carefully you will notice that these colors are exactly like makeup foundation colors. You have to pick the color that matches your skin and use that for a work time look. Your eyes will look bigger and fresher but no one can guess that you are wearing an eyeshadow. Many CEOs love this product as it helps them in creating a no makeup look. It is great to make the eye look fresh even after a hangover. You can team this eyeshadow with little kohl around the eye. For a sophisticated party look use one of the dark shades. One box costs $62.48.

Kanebo Kate Brown Shade Eyes – BR-2

Best Eyeshadow for Work

This Kanebo Kate Brown Shade Eyes – BR-2 eyeshadow is perfect for women who work in the advertising or modeling industry. It is made in Japan and one of the best qualities about Japanese cosmetics brands is that their products are always long lasting. This eyeshadow will work for an entire day. There is a difference between working in modeling industry and other jobs. Even if you are working behind the desk and your job has nothing to do with modeling people expect you to look presentable and stylish. You need to stand up, no need to look like a Christmas trees but just plain and simple nude shade will not do it here. There are different shades in one box, and one of them is nude shade. So if you work in regular office you can use that shade. It is really easy to use the product and the powder do not spill everywhere. One box costs only $29.

NYX Cosmetics the Natural Shadow Palette

Best Eyeshadow for Work

One box comes with lots of different shades of eyeshadows; this is all you need, no need to buy many eye shadows. You can create day look, work look, party look anything using NYX Cosmetics the Natural Shadow Palette. All the colors are great and work for different skin tones. You can also create a dramatic look if you want. The lightest shade in the box is great for summer. This product comes with a long handle brush. It is very easy to apply as well. The product is also economical, so if you are joining a new work and want to create a good impression with your style then use this product. One box costs $7.75.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow – Silk Road

Best Eyeshadow for Workfilm The Lost City of Z 2017 online

NARS Duo Eyeshadow – Silk Road eyeshadow is one of the top selling cosmetic products Worldwide. There are some women who know that it is important for them to use makeup but they do not want other people to know that they are using makeup. This eyeshadow is the perfect product for those women. It will hide all the dark spots on your eyelids. The two shades you get here blends perfectly with any skin tone. It is one of those products which will successfully give you a no makeup look. Lots of makeup artists use this eyeshadow on their clients when they need to appear natural. It is a tested product and does not cause any bad reactions. One box costs $35, but it is absolutely worth the price.

If you use any of these above eye shadows while going to the office then you will never look out of place.

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