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Best Eyeshadow for Summer

Eyes are one of the most important parts of our face to attract attention. This is why application of eye makeup should be perfect otherwise you may end up looking completely different than you were wishing.


With eye liner, eye shadow is equally important and one should choose this eye makeup product as per the season. Here we have listed down five best eye shadows for summer. Read on below to know more about them such as price, texture etc.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow- All About Eve


This Duo Eyeshadow- All About Eve from NARS is one of the best products to use for summer as it comes with two light shades, one a shimmer and one satin. Both the shades are made with transparent pigments in order to avoid heaviness. You can use this eyeshadow in day time as well in evening party. You can wear them alone or together and it is perfect to bring a natural look.

It can be worn sheer to bring a dramatic look. Some of its ingredients are aqua water, lanolin, propylparaben, silica, zinc stearate, talc and many others. The texture of the two shadows is powder but you will feel like they are creamy, so there is no chalkiness. Once applied, it lasts for whole day. The price for this beautiful packaging eye shadow is $35, it may seem bit high but one box goes for many days.

Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette – Extase Pinks


Everything about this Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow is perfect. This France made eye shadow has 5 shades, dark grey shimmer, glimmering pink, silver, iridescent violet and pale pink shimmer. All the shades are great and you can apply them as per your skin tone, party and season. The box also includes two sponge applicators.

All the colors work alone as well as together. They are easy to apply, pick up and are having good pigmentation. You need not to go for touch up in every few hours as it do lasts for long hours with a primer. One box of 6g will cost you $66.99 but it’s worth the price as these 5 shades will go for more than a year.

Sleek i-Divine Mineral based Eye Shadow Palette – Ultra Mattes V1


If you are looking for bright and fun eye shadow colors, then go for Sleek i-Divine Mineral based Eye Shadow Palette – Ultra Mattes V1 . It will not disappoint you. These mineral based eye shadows are very smooth in texture and blend with skin perfectly. No matter what your skin color, you will find the one that goes perfect with your skin from the 12 pure mate shades.

The palette of 12 pressed eye shadows will help you to create different looks. The rich pigmentation, amazing colors, and creamy texture are just perfect. Once you use this, you will pack your previously used eye shadow and will start using this one only. The other thing that makes it more attractive is its price. It comes for only $9.90, in this price you will get 12 shades. Is it not amazing?

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette


This 100% authentic UD Naked 3 eyeshadow comes in an attractive looking package. Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette contains 12 shades starting from pale, deep black matte to shimmery pink, glimmering metallic and pearl. Each one of the 12 shadows features Urban Decay Pigment Infusion SystemTM. The perfect blend of the ingredients gives each shade a velvety texture, so it blends with the skin in no time and gives a natural look.

All the shades have excellent staying power, so once you apply them on eye, it will last for long hours without going the shade fade. You will get this eye shadow for the price of $64.99, the price is quite high to most of the women. But its offering your 12 different shades in this price, so from that point your will be benefitted.

Bobbi Brown Sandy Nude Eye Palette


Bobbi Brown is one of the most popular names when it comes to beauty products. Like all other beauty products, eye shadow from this company is also no different. Bobbi Brown Sandy Nude Eye Palette comes in a good looking box with a brush. One box contains 8 shades, ash, cream, chiffon sparkle,  stone metallic, nude, rich caviar, caramel sparkle and champagne shimmer wash. All these colors are perfect mix of sparkling finishes and matte for offering neutral and beautiful looks.

The variety of powder shades lets you play with looks. Those who need understatement at their work place, should go for this Bobbi Brown eye shadow and women with different skin tone can buy this product as it offers 8 different shades. The price may shock you at first as this is available for the price $120 which most of us cannot think to spend on a single beauty product. But if you love quality beauty products, then you can give this eyeshadow a try.

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