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Best Cheap hotels in Santiago

Visiting Santiago can be really expensive. There are some of the best cheap hotels. These can help you save a little money.

Oshostel – Hostel Boutique

Oshostel - Hostel Boutique

Feature: Here, cheap does not mean lower standards because the rooms of Oshostel are quite colourful. Every room has a hardwood floor. The Shared facilities include bathroom, kitchen and laundry. It is 27 km from the airport and very close to the Santiago City centre. The exact location of this hotel is Calle Merced 305, Piso 4, Santiago City Centre, 8320115 Santiago.

Budget: $27 is the price of staying here, which you can pay using a credit card. Breakfast and WiFi are included. For lunch and dinner, you can visit any of the great restaurants nearby. Check-in time is noon to 6 in the evening. The checkout can be done till 11 am.

Guest house Mery

Guest house Mery

Feature: Guest house Mery is located at General Baquedano, 546, Santiago City Centre, 8340340 Santiago. It is just a 20 minutes drive from the airport and just 2 km from National Museum of fine arts. Every room has a private bathroom and a cable TV. You can get breakfast for an extra fee here. For other meals, there are a lot of amazing restaurants around it. Free WiFi is available for the guests.

Budget: The rooms are priced at $34 only. All the different credit cards are accepted. Check-in is from 3 pm till midnight. Check out is from 10 in the morning till noon. Pets are not allowed, but your children can stay with you for free.

Dominica Hostel

Dominica Hostel

Features: The rooms of Dominica Hostel are very elegant. Bathrooms are shared or private. A full buffet breakfast is offered every morning. The WiFi is free. There are an extremely comfortable common room and a shared kitchen. There is a small, but really enjoyable sun terrace.

Budget: $39.60 is the price of the cheapest room here. All types of credit cards are accepted. Check-in starts at 1 pm and check-in goes till 12 noon. Pets are not allowed.

Hotel Piso 3

Hotel Piso 3

Features: Hotel Piso 3 is located at Luis Thayer Ojeda, 027, Providencia, Santiago. Cable TV and a heating system are the part of every room. The bathrooms are shared and are all fitted with showers. There are numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity. The internet is freely available for the guests.

Budget: The $41 you spend on a room here will not be regretted. Money is accepted through credit cards. Check-in is from 3 pm and checkout is till noon. There is a strict no pets policy.

Hostal Patio Europio

Hostal Patio Europeo

Features: Situated at Avda. Condell 847 Providencia, Providencia, 7501221 Santiago, Hostal Patio Europio is absolutely amazing. There are free breakfast, free WiFi and free parking. All the rooms have cable TV and some rooms have private bathrooms too. It is surrounded by parks and restaurants.

Budget: The price starts from $42. Credit cards are accepted. Pets are not allowed. Check-in is 2 pm onwards and checkout is till 11 in the morning.

Hotel Gloria


Features: In Hotel Gloria,rooms are fully furnished and have cable TV with 86 local channels. It is just 17 km from the airport. There is a BBQ area, kitchen and swimming pool for the guests.

Budget: $45 is the price of these rooms. You can pay through credit card. Check-in starts at 3 pm and goes till midnight. Check-out is until 12 noon.

Travesia bed and breakfast

Travesia Bed and Breakfast

Features: Travesia bed and breakfast is a very decent and home like the place. There is nothing fancy, but everything is properly maintained. All the rooms come with a cable TV and attached bathroom. You can pay extra to get large windows and kitchen. You get free WiFi.

Budget: The price tag of basic rooms is $48.75, payable by credit cards. Check-in is from 2 pm till 11:30 in the night. Checkout goes up to noon.

Hotel Dalarco

RQ Hotel Dacarlo

Features:  Hotel Dalarco is located just a 20 minute drive away from the International airport. Rooms have private bathrooms. Every morning, a full buffet breakfast served. Parking and internet access are free for the guests.

Budget: $49 is a fair price for such rooms. Credit cards are acceptable. Check-in is from 3 pm and checkout is till noon.

Smart Apart

Smart Apart

Features: Smart Apart is located at Mosqueto 552, Santiago City Centre, 8320071 Santiago. All the rooms have private bathrooms and cable TV. Also, you get a fully equipped kitchen. The wi-fi is obviously free.

Budget: The rooms are very well priced at $50. You can pay with a credit card. Check-in from 1 pm and checkout till noon. Pets are allowed without any extra charge.

Paihuen Guesthouse

Paihuen Guesthouse

Features: Paihuen Guesthouse is at Alberto Magno 1375, Providencia, 7500000 Santiago. Free parking, breakfast and wi-fi come with the reservation. There are lots of restaurants nearby.

Budget: $50 is the price tag. It is payable with credit cards. And pets are not allowed.

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