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Best Book For Long-Term Investment

Investment is the best way to secure one’s financial future. But without knowing everything about investment one should not risk his/her money. The best way to learn about a new thing is to read books about them. Here are top 10 books that you need to read before you decide to invest your hard earn money.

The Elements of Investing


The Elements of Investing by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis is the beginners guide to investing. The book’s main purpose was to make investing look simple to common man and they succeed in that. After reading that even you will know exactly what to do when it comes to investing money. If you know nothing about investment then simply follow the guideline mentioned in the book and you will be financially independent very soon.

Grow Your Investments with the Best Mutual Funds and ETF’s


Grow Your Investments with Best Mutual Funds and ETF’s by Stephen McKee is the book for you if you want to learn all about risk free investments. It will teach you all about investing in the right things. But not just that you will also learn about building portfolio in financial market. This book talks about why you should always remember your age and circumstances at the time of investment. This book will help you in making the right decision about your financial future.

Stocks for the Long Run 5/E


Jeremy J. Siegel has updated his book Stocks for the Long Run many times and to understand the current stock market scenario you need to read the 5th edition of the book. If the word stock market ever puzzled you then after reading this book it will not anymore. Read this book carefully and understand exactly what kind of stock will give you future benefits.

Buy and Hedge


Buy and Hedge by Wayne Ferbert and Jay Pestrichelli will teach you the golden rules of investing. No complex words, everything is written in a very simple and understandable manner. Apart from teaching you about how you can grow your asset it also tells you all about the risk involving investment. If you read the book from first to last then and follow everything the authors said you will be able to double your money in couple of years.

Investing in Apartment Buildings


Matthew Martinez wrote this book mainly for people who want to buy apartments as an investment. Investing in Apartment Buildings tells them all about investing in property and why it is one of the safest forms of investment after all. This book is great for young couple who has little bit of money stored up and wants to invest in property. To be honest this book teaches about investment in general so even if you want to invest in something else it will help you. A must read for everyone.

A Millennial’s Guide to Long Term Investing


A Millennial’s Guide on Long Term Investing by Cullen Hardy not only reaches all the details about investing in the right things, but it also talks about all the discipline you need to secure your financial future. It is a really good read and not just for people who want to invest and make money. If you are retiring in couple of years then get this book and read, it will teach you all the things you need to decide the absolute best invest for you.

The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Long-term Investing


Joseph Tigue wrote this book The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Long-term Investing to tell people that you can still make a profitable investment even if you do not earn a very big salary. It tells you things as it is, but at the end of the book you will learn that even little investing can give you a lot of benefits.

When Genius Failed


Give this book by Roger Lowenstein to someone who recently lost a lot of money and feeling depressed. When Genius Failed will make them understand that this is very normal part of investing and can happen with anyone. It is a must read book for everyone who is thinking about investing as it will help them in making better decisions.

Investing For Dummies


Written by Eric Tyson,Investing For Dummies tells people that they do not need to be a genius to make a profit in investment. Follow the rules that are mentioned in the book and you will know all about investment. Author also wrote about different insurances in details.

Dividend Investing


Author of this book Derrick Murray tells that he wrote the book to make people more aware about Dividend investment. According to him they are not just for people who are retired but for all the adults who want a risk free investment.

These are the best books for long term investment, if possible read all of them.

Written by Shiryee Ma

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