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Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

This post is about the best blushes that are available on the market for medium skin. The worst thing about having the medium skin tone is that if the blush you are using is not right then it will show on your skin and make it look like you are getting ready for a clown show or a fancy dress competition. In a sentence it is not really easy to find products for women who have medium skin tone. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

Blush is supposed to a makeup which should not be traced on your face after you finish applying. If someone can tell that you used blush on your face that means you either got the product wrong for your skin tone or you applied it wrong. Women who have medium skin tone face most problems when spend long hours under the Sun as some parts of their face get too dark, and if they do not use the right foundation to cover the dark spot then using a blush is not going to do any good.

So the first step for finding the right blush for medium skin tone is to finding the right foundation and compact, after that use the blush that is meant for your skin. You also need to make sure that the blush you are using on your face is made by a very well known reputed brand as women with medium skin tone also prone to sudden break outs on the face. So here are the reviews of 5 best blushes for women with medium skin tone, all of these products are tested and so you can use them safely on your face on a daily basis. None of these blushes will give you a bad side effect.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher – Lover

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

The shades those are available for Illamasqua Powder Blusher are all perfect for women who have medium skin tone. This Illamasqua Powder Blusher – Lover will never look too loud on your face, you can use the darker shade for highlights and create looks. They also do not make your skin dry, the effects last for a long time. The best part is that with this blush you will have a cheek bone that you never had before and everyone will praise about your own cheeks, no one can tell that you are wearing blush. The blush is very easy to apply and you can get it in any make up stores.

Sleek Blush – Life’s a Peach

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

Sleek Blush – Life’s a Peach comes in a very unique box and if you are someone who loves to use product that comes in an attractive package then this product is perfect for you, as it says in the name the product makes your cheeks look soft and pink like a peach. No other blush brings out the natural beauty of medium skin women like the way this blush does. It is just amazing and does not make your skin dry. One box costs $6.84.

Nars Blush – Orgasm

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

Nars Blush-Orgasm sounds like a unique name and the product is a truly unique blush too. There are varieties of shades available for the blush and all of them are perfect for medium skin tone. They are very easy to apply and do not get spilled on the entire face. The glow stays on the face for a long time and you can mix two shades and create a unique highlight on your face. This is a great blush if you are doing party makeup. One .16 OZ box costs $44.78 .Totally worth every dollar.

Benefit – Rockateur

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

If you need to wear makeup all day then Benefit – Rockateur is the perfect product for you. The effect of the blush lasts for the entire day. It brings out the natural color of your cheeks, really easy to apply and does not dry out your skin. This is also a blush that goes great as a party makeup because of the shimmer. The product literally gives your face a blushing glow. Women with medium skin tone can use this blush without a doubt in their mind. One box costs $40.12 and it is one of the best blushes that you can ever get.

Hourglass Ambient Blush – Diffused Heat

Best Blush for Medium Skin Tone

Hourglass Ambient Blush – Diffused Heat is a blush that you can use for any time of the day, no matter how hot the weather is the blush will work great for you. It will prevent your skin from getting dark because of the Sun. It also hides the tan marks on the face really well. The shade is perfect for women with medium skin; it also never dries out your skin. One box costs $45.89.

So here are the reviews of the best blushes that you can get if you have medium skin tone.

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