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Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

Like every other skin tone dark skin too have some positive points and some negative points. The positive points are that you skin is much less acne prone than say fair skin or medium skin. You also suffer from dry skin and sudden breakouts less than other types of skin. Skin tan is also less on your skin. But the negative point of having dark skin is that it is hard to find the right foundation and compact for your skin tone. Find out more useful information in our beauty products reviews.

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

So finding the right blush will be really hard as you can guess everything looks too loud. But the good part is that today all make up brands are making their products in many shades so that women with all skin tone can use the products. So do not worry, there are perfect blush for dark skin type too, and today you are going to learn about them.

You can wear these blushes to complete the party look or even they are perfect for all day. So here are the reviews of top 5 blushes available on the market that are perfect for women with dark skin. All these products are tested and will not give your skin any kind of bad side effects.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – Exposed

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Blush Exposed is one of the best blushes that is available on the market and that is not just for dark skin, no matter what skin tone you have this is one of the greatest blusher you can get. Just read the ingredients list on the back and you will see that the blush has so many essential vitamins and minerals in it. That is the reason your skin does not get dry after you use this blush. It brings out the natural glow of your cheek bones, and the glow lasts for a long time. One 0.2 OZ box costs $37.99.

Tom Ford Cheek Color – Frantic Pink

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

Tom Ford Cheek– Frantic Pink is amazing, the blush makes your cheek bones look stunning and also if you touch your cheeks after applying the blush you will be amazed to see how soft the blush made your cheeks. The product is made of all natural ingredients and that is why it does not cause any kind of break out ever. If you are someone who does not like loud party makeup then you need to use Tom Ford Cheek – Frantic Pink on your face while doing party makeup. It is soft and light, you will love it. Well the product may cost a little more than other blushes but it is totally worth the price. One box costs $78.00.

Bobbi Brown pot for Lip and Cheeks – Chocolate Cherry

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

Bobbi Brown for Cheeks and Lip – Chocolate Cherry color is simply to die for. It is just outstanding, put this on your cheeks and get ready to get all kind of compliments because it will make your cheek bone absolutely out of this world. The product is easy to apply and that is why even if you are not a makeup expert you will be able to use this blush perfectly on your face. The best part is that the color will never look unnatural on your face; it will bring out the natural glow. One box costs $27, it is totally worth the price.

MAC Blush Powder – Raizin

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

MAC Blush Powder – Raizin is one of the best blushes that you can get for yourself if you have dark skin tone. The color will not look too loud on your face and it will only enhance your natural beauty. This blush defines the cheek bone really well and makes your face look slimmer than it is. The product has all kinds of natural vitamins and minerals and that is why it does not make your skin dry. The natural glow it gives to your skin lasts for the entire day. One box costs $35. You can use the blush for both day time makeup and night time party makeup. It works for all skin types as well.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush – Tangerine

Best Blush for Dark Skin Tone

Make Up For Ever HD Blush – Tangerine is another great blush which works great for women with dark skin tone, but this one is even better if you love highlighting your cheek bones. It gives your face a natural glow and that effect lasts for the entire day. What is great about this blush is that if you apply it rightly then no one will guess you are wearing a blush, they will think that this is the natural color of your cheek bone. It is just perfect. One box costs $35.

So these are the reviews of the best blushes that are available for dark skin, use any of them that you think will be best for you.

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