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Best Asian Horror Movies

A lot of our horror movies actually originate from films from other countries. A lot of films come from popular Asian movies. If you are a horror movie junkie, these Asian works would be a real treat for you.

Different from gory American style, the Asian thrillers feature more chilling elements that can strike into your heart and scare you from the inside. Now turn out all the lights and start the journey of thrill. See more book recommendations here.

The Ring Two

Best Asian Horror Movies

The Ring series literally scared people to death in the cinema. So think twice before you press play. The Ring Two starring Naomi Watts and David Dorfman continues the ring story of the killer video and the little girl, Samara, in the well. Rachel Keller and her son Aiden move to Oregon after their first run-in with Samara, but she hasn’t escaped the girl’s wrath. Samara has followed them to Oregon with an agenda…to possess Aidan.


Best Asian Horror Movies

A house is left cursed after two people are found murdered in it in Ju-on starring Megumi Okina and Misaki Ito. Whoever steps foot into the house is in danger.

The story goes that a man killed his wife, believing that she was having an affair, then kills himself. Their son disappeared and was never seen again. Several years later a couple move in with the husband’s old mother, and now they are being terrorized by the dead family’s vengeful spirits.


Best Asian Horror Movies

Ghost/Shutter are two horror movies by Kino Lorbes Studio. Ghost is about Ji-Won, a woman who has lost her memory. She is forced to remember her past when he friends begin to die mysteriously.

As she does so, she has dark and frightening visions that bring her closer to the reason she lost her memory. Shutter is a Thai thriller that follows a photographer and his girlfriend in a horrifying tale with twists and turns.

A Wicked Ghost 2

Best Asian Horror Movies

A girl commits suicide after reporting being raped and not believed in A Wicked Ghost 2: The Fear starring Ken Wong and Alice Chan. When her friend and a ghost-buster find out that she was raped by the ghost of a serial rapist, they also learn his agenda-to take revenge on the sexy policewoman who had arrested him.


Best Asian Horror Movies

Macabre (1958) starring William Prince and Jim Backus is digging for something in a spooky cemetery-he’s digging for his daughter. His living daughter who was buried alive. The doctor is blamed for the death of a young, blind woman. While the doctor is out, his daughter is kidnapped and buried alive with about four to five hours to live.


Best Asian Horror Movies

Shinya Tsukamoto plays Masuoka, a cameraman possessed with the need to understand fear in Marebito. He happens to catch footage of a grisly suicide in the subway, in which he becomes obsessed with.

He returns to the scene to better comprehend the reasoning behind the suicide and opens a doorway into a bizarre, cavernous underworld. Amongst all the ghosts and creatures, he finds a beautiful, mute girl and takes home. As time goes on, he begins to suspect there is something inhuman about this girl. Masuoka realizes he has found the knowledge he’s been craving for through this mysterious woman.

Suicide Club

Best Asian Horror Movies

54 smiling high school girls hold hands and throw themselves in front of an oncoming subway train in Suicide Club (Suicide Circle) starring Ryo Ishibashi, Masatoshi Nagase and Akaji Maro. What follows is a wave of unexplainable suicides across Tokyo. A strange website may be to blame, as it seems to track the suicides before they even occur, begging the question whether they were suicides at all.

The Curse


Several mysterious incidents catch the attention of a TV journalist who enjoys documenting the paranormal in NOROI The Curse starring Masafumi Kobayashi and Marika Matsumoto. He discovers that the incidents are related to ancient demonic rituals with supernatural power.

A Tale of Two Sisters

Best Asian Horror Movies

Im Su-jeong and Moon Geun-yeuong star in A Tale of Two Sisters as Su-mi and Su-yeon. The two sisters return home after staying at a mental hospital. Strange things begin to happen after their arrival.

Su-mi has horrific nightmares that may be real or not and images of people appearing and disappearing. Everyone’s fingers are pointed at the other. Could it be the happenings of a dysfunctional family? Or the work of an otherworldly presence?


Best Asian Horror Movies

Retribution also known as Sakebi, stars Koji Yahusho and Manami Konishi. Detective Yoshioka (Yahusho) is investigating the death of a young woman is a red dress. The woman was found lying face down in a muddy puddle, but her stomach is full of sea water. As the investigation continues, evidence points to him as the killer. More bodies begin turning up, killed the same way as the first victim. Now Yoshioka can’t help but think that he really is the killer he is after.

Of course with most foreign movies, they will be in a different language. Some people prefer not to have to read the subtitles. If that is the case, you can find remakes of these movies in English. Watching the original is always better however; and if you don’t have a problem reading while you watch a movie, check out these thrillers and the American versions. See which one you enjoy more.

Written by Theresa Melander

Theresa Melander

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