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Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice is an American author of gothic fiction, erotica and Christian literature. She is well known for her avid vampire novels and spin on your average fairy tales. The most popular of Rice’s works are The Vampire Chronicles. She is a true storyteller that has swept people away with her articulate novels. See more book recommendations here.

Prince Lestat

Anne Rice Books

Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles opens with the vampire world in crisis as the number of vampires increase rapidly and huge numbers of people are massacred. The old vampires have been awaken by a Voice that commands them to burn vampire-mavericks all over. A group of unlikely “heroes” rise up and join together to seek out the Voice and discover what its true intention is.

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Anne Rice Books

Rice uses the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure for The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. The tale begins with how we all know it, the awakening of Sleeping Beauty.  That’s where everything we know of the tale ends, as Rice puts a twist on this “happily ever after”. Rather the Sleeping Beauty falling madly in love with the prince and marrying him, she is indebted to him and his mother, Queen Eleanor, turns Sleeping Beauty into a sex slave.

The Wolf Gift

Anne Rice Books

The Wolf Gift is about Rauben Golding, a young reporter working on a story, arrives at a secluded mansion and seduces by its enigmatic owner. However, it’s not all about hugs and kisses as Reuben is attacked and bitten by a beast he could not see in the darkness. Now Reuben must understand what is happening to him as he puzzles over why he was given the wolf gift.

Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice Books

Interview with the Vampire is the story of Louis, a vampire who has decided to tell of his 200-year-long story to a reporter. After the death of his brother, Louis decides to take his life in any way possible. The novel follows Louis as he lives his new life as a creature of the night.

The Witching Hour

Anne Rice Books

A neurosurgeon, a contractor, a psychic, a spirit and the Mayfair witches are swirled together in The Witching Hour. Dr. Rowan, the neurosurgeon and Michael, the contractor, fall in love and she follows him to investigate the secrets of her past. Lasher is the spirit with wicked motives, who has caught the eye of Aaron, the psychic scholar, who also searches for the Mayfair witches. He recruits the help of Michael, who has seen the witches and spirit since he was a boy. This story is filled with murder, incest and betrayal as secrets unfold and relationships are put to the test.


Anne Rice Books

Lasher is the story of the former otherworldly spirit who haunted the Mayfairs. Now he is a supernatural being with a body. Read about how he came to be a part of the human world and what he goes through now that he is human.

The Vampire Armand

Anne Rice Books

The Vampire Armand is the latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles. Armand is forever young with the face of a Botticelli Angel. He is sold into slavery where he catches the eye of Marius, a great vampire, who turns Armand. As the novel goes, we watch as Armand must choose between immortality and his salvation.

The Tale of the Body Thief

Anne Rice Books

Rice continues the Vampire Chronicles with The Tale of the Body Thief. For centuries Lestat has courted plenty, but now he is alone. In his need to eliminate his doubts and loneliness, Lestat will embark on the most dangerous mission he has ever undergone.

Christ the lord: Out of Egypt

Anne Rice Books

Christ the lord: Out of Egypt is unlike anything Rice has ever written. It captures the life of Jesus Christ during the ages 7-8. Christ has been known for his many miracles including raising the dead, in this story, he accidentally strikes a playmate dead and resurrects him. The boy’s parents want Christ and his family to leave; however, the Teacher comes to his defense. Then after Herod, the threat to Christ, is dead, Joseph decides to move his family back to the Holy Land. The story continues on with Christ’s and his families travel back home.

Vittorio the vampire

Anne Rice Books

Vittorio the vampire is a sort of autobiography of Vittorio di Raniari, a sixteen-year old Italian nobleman whose family was murdered by a powerful coven of vampires. He flees from Florence during the day to get away from the crowds of vampires. He thinks he’s safe, until he seeks refuge in an inn where Ursula, the vampire who prevented her coven from killing him, seduces and turns him. The two stay together for many years as lovers. Besides being a vampire, Vittorio can see angels and departing human souls.

Rice had a gift of turning the legend of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and inventing her own tales of dread and horror as well as fantasy and romance. She has a way of connecting her different tales so they seem as one, but have their own feel to them.

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