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5 Best Rose-Infused Beauty Products

Rose flower is associated with beauty from time immemorial. There are thousands of rose varieties in the earth. While most of them are used for decoration purposes, a handful of them are used to make beauty products and fragrances. Rose petals are mixed with bathing water in tubs, fragrances extracted from roses are world famous and rose creams are used by babies to brides without age difference. Fresh rose water can be used as an effective toner. Rose flower mixed properly with other ingredients serve as a luxurious day cream. Here is a list of 5 exclusive beauty products which use Rose flower as its key ingredient.

5 Best Rose-Infused Beauty Products

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater

Chantecaille is considered one of the best brands when it comes to make up. is extracted from a rare French rose variety. It uses water, Parfum and Rosa Gallica flower extract. It can be used as a toner after cleaning the face with cleansing milk. A good toner applied evenly before using the moisturizing cream nourishes the well cleaned skin to the core. Using rosewater constantly as a toner enhances complexion. In ancient days rose petals were 外汇交易平台 hand harvested, segregated manually to select only the best and distilled using fresh well water to create the rose water the queens and the princesses used. Chantecaille is created using the same traditional method. A 100ml bottle is priced $63.99. Though costly, this rose water has high skin hydrating properties. It acts as a great revitalizing agent for the skin affected by biting winter. It purifies and moistures better than any other product.

Chantecaille Rose De Mai Cream

acts as an efficient detoxifier. Often used in spas along with other fragrance enhancing ingredients, this cream is a perfect mixture of latest skin enriching technology and the natural healing ability of the Rose flower. It has high anti-bacterial properties and is capable of curing numerous skin problems. The cream contains Sweet pea stem cell DNA, Vitamin C and oil extracted from wild pansy. Chantecaille 50 ml container costs $209.99. This day cream smoothen the skin, gives it a radiant glow and makes it look younger by making the skin tone much clearer and baby like. The aroma of the cream is similar to that of a fresh rose. It retains moisture in the skin even if you stay outdoors for the whole day in biting cold.

Jurlique Balancing Rosewater Mist

contains Essential Oils extracted from various varieties of rose like Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascena. It also has aloe vera, extracts from grapefruits and glycerin. These ingredients help in creating a calming effect on the skin before moisturizing. They also act as an anti-oxidant delaying aging and fights effectively against premature aging. They have compounds squeezed from marsmallow which helps in softening the skin. It can be used as a toning mist as well as a makeup protecting spray. Its sweet rose fragrance eliminates the need to use other perfumes. Priced very economically at $28.91, this mist is used to hydrate the skin effectively.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

is used for intense hydration of dry face as it prevents moisture loss from the cells better than any other product. Essential oils extracted from various types of roses, cucumber, Capric triglycerides, caramel, jajoba oil, camellia and Chamomile are present in the product. Capric triglycerides fight effectively against aging cells while jajoba oil nourishes them with enough oxygen and increased blood flow. Chamomile and caramel give an unmatched glow to the skin. Camellia, cucumber and the other ingredients cool down the skin, relaxes it and prepares it for better nourishment and makeup. A 100 ml bottle costs $69.99. It is suitable for all types of skin. Dry skin benefits by getting hydrated while the normal skin gets enhanced complexion. Sensitive skin with allergies and infections get cured and the oily skin looks fresher than ever.

Fresh Rose Floral Toner

is an alcohol free product used mainly to even tone the skin after cleansing. It is used before moisturizing to prepare the skin better for makeup. It’s mainly made up of fresh sea water, aloe vera extracts and a few slight chemicals like glycol. This toner will make the skin look plump, rosy and glowing. It can be used before a night cream after removing all the makeup. Fresh Rose Floral Toner’s high refreshing properties will revive the lost youthful glow in the face with constant usage. Models exposed to hot lights constantly use it for cooling effect at night. Rose floral toner can be used when overnight facial masks are not applied. They will act on the skin when the body is asleep to make it look fresh in the morning. It costs $52.49 per 250 ml. It is rightly rated as one of the best floral toner in the market owing to its enormous beautifying effects.

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